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Take a Tour of Polyface with Joel Salatin!

It's time again for folks to gather at Polyface, the farm changing the dietary habits of millions! The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund’s annual
Jul 20

Re: MS help

Thanks for that information. Elizabeth Sent from my LG Mobile
Jul 12

Re: MS help

I have a friend who had MS and through diet which consisted mainly of raw dairy while eliminating all sugar and caffeine as well as pork and scavenger fish,
Jul 12

Re: MS help

MS can CAUSE a vitamin B12 deficiency, but a vitamin deficiency is not the cause of the disease. Causes can be varied, which means scientists are not sure,
joy sauter
Jul 12

MS help

Hi, My daughter-in-law has MS. So far she just experiences pain in her shoulder and one eye. Not sure how weak she is. Seems to walk fine. I've heard that MS
Elizabeth Parashis
Jul 12

Re: Yogurt comparison

As soon as I hear words like ôWalMartö and ôtelevisionö I suspect it is a corrupted product and something I personally would not trust. This is now
Scott Rubel
Jun 13

Re: Yogurt comparison

Thanks Lyn -----Original Message----- From: "ly.ninwv@... [native-nutrition]" Sent: Jun 12, 2015 3:20 PM To: native-nutrition@yahoogroups.com Subject:
Elizabeth Parashis
Jun 13

Re: Yogurt comparison

I know I don't have a store with Green Mountain brand, but I can request that and see if a store will carry it. I won't even venture to try clabbering milk,
Jun 12

Re: Yogurt comparison

Elizabeth I have WalMart very close and I found it there. I would think any grocery store would have one or both of those brands. I remember having seen the
Jun 12

Re: Yogurt comparison

Check out the Cornucopia yogurt comparison. We ourselves make a yogurt using an heirloom mother culture which will be vastly superior bacteriologically (not to
Jun 12

Re: Yogurt comparison

What store do you find Oikos and Chobani in? Elizabeth Sent from my LG Mobile
Jun 12

Yogurt comparison

I compromised my diet in the last 2 years and the way I suffer for it is my digestive system/ Terrible terrible gas. I had never had these issues, even when my
Jun 12

Re: WAPF prep for pregnancy book

Brighton Baby by Roy Dittman. His partner Alyson Witherspoon is deeply involved in the book's dynamic too. It is about optimizine the parent epigenetics
Jun 10

WAPF prep for pregnancy book

does anyone know the name of the book I think I saw about preparing for having children? Thanks, Elizabeth
Elizabeth Parashis
Jun 9

Sustainability Begins Within - FREE WEBCAST

Dear Friend, If you are recieving this email, you are obviously someone that wants to be part of the solutions to our world's problems. What will it really
Living Mandala
May 27
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