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Re: [discussingnt] Fw: FREE Water Pitcher From Perfect Water Purifie

the catch is that you have to sign up to receive their replacement filters at a cost of 49.95 each. each filter lasts 2 months. you can cancel by calling and
Carolyn Graff
Nov 26

Fw: FREE Water Pitcher From Perfect Water Purifier, Mothering's Natu

Anyone receiving this ad from Mothering.com? Water filter FREE that filters out fluoride, and everything else. Would Mothering really steer us wrong? Is money
Elizabeth Parashis
Nov 26

Free Aquaponics Greenhouse at Your School or Community Garden!

Heard of Aquaponics? Aquaponics is one of the most sustainable and productive farming systems in the world. It combines Aquaculture and Hydroponics to create
Living Mandala
Nov 6

Which brand vitamins

Hi, I want to order the supplements mentioned in dr. Raft's Cancear Cure Protocol. Amazon seems to have the best deals. But I don't know which brand has the
Elizabeth Parashis
Nov 4

Re: Making Yogurt

I think I will just buy yogurt it if WalMart gets Oikos back. I did more searches and found a blog where she had ALOT of trouble. Weeks of whey and just
Oct 4

Re: Making Yogurt

Milk for making yogurt is often pasteurized before or after culturing or both. Doesn't need to be and shouldn't, but thats what industry does. You can use a
Oct 3

Making Yogurt

I have restarted kefir after almost 2 years and kombucha after 1.5 years and now I would like to try something new. I want to make yogurt. But I do not want to
Oct 2

Suggestions for 2016 Shopping Guide

I am working on putting together the WAPF Shopping Guide for 2016. If you have any sources that you would recommend adding to the guide or removing from the
Carolyn Graff
Sep 30

Transforming the Water Crisis - FRE*E* Webcast!

Dear Friends, From fires, floods, droughts and more.... 2015 has been full of reminders about how climate change and mismanagement of natural resources is
Living Mandala
Sep 29

Stellar Convergence Schedule, Music Line-Up & More!

Dear Friends, 2015 has been full of reminders about how climate change is affecting us around the planet on both a local and global scale - from fires to
Living Mandala
Sep 24

Re: [discussingnt] NutrapPro vs Rosita

Rosita is charging $49 for 5 oz. http://www.corganic.com/evclo NutraPro is $33 for 8 oz. http://www.nutraprointl.com/store/p3/Virgin_Cod_Liver_Oil.html Rosita
Carolyn Graff
Sep 13

NutrapPro vs Rosita

I'm confused about Rosita. Anyone with some knowledge about this? I do plan to continue ordering FCLO but just wanted to try this out. Is the same company
Elizabeth Parashis
Sep 13

Re: Rosita vs Nutra Pro Int. clo and butter oil

You lost me. I don't have any idea what you are even talking about. So I can't add anything to the topic. Lyn On Friday, September 11, 2015 10:28 AM,
Sep 11

Rosita vs Nutra Pro Int. clo and butter oil

Has anyone investigated the Nutra Pro clo/butter? On Dr Ron's site I ordered what I thought was Rosita's but since the labels had the same look to them I
Elizabeth Parashis
Sep 11

Re: Curcumin

Pepper and fat are the catalysts. It will still probably help to use it, but pepper and fat increase the bioavailability. The pepper should be fresh ground and
Scott Rubel
Aug 25
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