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Sustainability Begins Within - FREE WEBCAST

Dear Friend, If you are recieving this email, you are obviously someone that wants to be part of the solutions to our world's problems. What will it really
Living Mandala
May 27

Re: I set up a crowdfunding campaign to help Nepali earthquake victi

I also just posted the email online with images: http://lapdogwebdesign.com/sardogs-nepal/ I forgot to mention - I've been reading world-wide coverage of the
Suze Fisher
May 24

Re: I set up a crowdfunding campaign to help Nepali earthquake victi

Ugh! The link got truncated and bumped to multiple lines. I had sent it as html but it came through as plain text. All the photos were stripped out too. Here
Suze Fisher
May 24

Re: I set up a crowdfunding campaign to help Nepali earthquake victi

Thanks for doing this Suze, I would love to help - but the link for the funding campaign doesn't seem to work. Best, Christapher
Christapher C Cogswell
May 24

I set up a crowdfunding campaign to help Nepali earthquake victims i

Hi guys, This is not exactly on topic for this list but it is tangentially related. I'm trying to help this small, private non-profit - SAR DOGS Nepal - get
Suze Fisher
May 24

Soaking nuts

I just realized I'm supposed to salt the nuts before soaking. Why? Also is it necessary to dry them before eating? I've just been taking the soaking nuts out
Elizabeth Parashis
May 23

BAsic Weston Price

I hear wrong information a lot on all the groups. I don't know everything but I'm always surprised to see posts about things that are basic no no's or basic
Elizabeth Parashis
May 19

Re: Help making bone broth

Lyn, Do you have a copy of Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon? There you will find very simple directions for chicken or beef bone broth. It is truly an
Kim Schuette
Apr 27

Re: Help making bone broth

Thanks for the FB link. I just joined. I'm glad someone answered this one. Our bone broth skills are increasing and it's to the point we don't read recipes
Scott Rubel
Apr 27

Re: Help making bone broth

I save all chicken bones in a gallon ziplock bag in the freezer, and I do cut long bones in half to expose the marrow. If I were going to buy chicken just to
Apr 27

Hydrochloric Acid with Betain plus Pancreatin

I need to reorder through iHerb which gives such a great deal with no low cost compared to Whole Foods and no shipping with orders over $30. I take a lot of
Elizabeth Parashis
Apr 25

Help making bone broth

I would like to start making bone broth but the process seems so daunting and time consuming to me. Does anyone here have it down pat as to how to make this
Apr 25

Re: skin Cancer

11 Day Free Docu-Series, The Quest for The Cures...Continues, Watch it Live  I just got this in my in box from the Alternative Daily site (link above should
Mar 21

Re: skin Cancer

Elizabeth I don't recall any cancer treatments on here, but I know someone who told me I could pass her name on to anyone who is interested. She makes black
Mar 20

Re: skin Cancer

Greetings, I have fought melanoma for the last 18 years. It started with one mole, in situ that was melanoma. From that, it eventually spread to become
Kim Travis
Mar 19
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