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Re: Looking for free kefir grains and Kombucha scoby around Burbank, I got mine from freecycle. There was someone here who had both kefir grains and a kombucha scoby for me. Lyn On Monday, April 7, 2014 12:58 PM,
Apr 7
Looking for free or cheap Mesophilic yogurt cultures (Matsoni, Piima Hi friends, I am looking for Mesophilic yogurt cultures (Matsoni, Piima, Viili, Fil Mjolk..), it is yogurt cultures that ferment at room temperature rather
Apr 7
What would you ask John Jeavons?? you may have an opportunity! Are y'all familiar with the book *How to Grow More Vegetables*? This was the book that totally transformed the way I myself looked at soil health (even the
Jonny Heirloom
Apr 7
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Re: Insects for dinner We enjoy insects and have had ordered them at restaurants around LA and have bought them at ethnic stores, however, we have not found any that have been cheap.
Apr 7
Daily Water Intake Hi Everyone, Below is an overall health tip that I learned and wanted to share: Daily Filtered Water Intake Children (6-18 years of age): an ounce of filtered
Apr 7
Re: Crock-Pot cooker Very helpful. Thank you. Elizabeth Sent from my LG Mobile
Apr 7
Looking for free kefir grains and Kombucha scoby around Burbank, CA Hi, friends. I am looking to start making kefir and Kombucha at home for my family, so I am looking for free kefir grains (both water and milk kefir) and
Apr 7
hugelkultur? Has ANYONE tried hugelkultur? Seems like a great long-term solution (though I'm not entirely into using a bulldozer or moving tons and tons of dirt) but it
Jonny Heirloom
Apr 7
Eliot Coleman Soil Blocks - COOL! I have a friend that I visited in Montréal recently who was taking care of a local farm, a little outside the city, and was using this EIiot Coleman method. I
Jonny Heirloom
Apr 7
Sorry for my absence I've been a bit preoccupied with our new addition who was born on 2-17. I used to think BFing was easy thanks to my first being born knowing what to do. Man,
Lana Allaire
Apr 7
Re: Crock-Pot cooker You have spent some time investigating crock pots and hazards some have. I appreciate your research as I did not know until now that some leaked heavy metals.
Ann Miss
Apr 7
Re: Crock-Pot cooker Gosh! What about sharing your soup recipe! ;-) -Allan in WV On Sun, Feb 23, 2014 at 12:09 PM, Elizabeth Parashis
Allan Balliett
Apr 7
CEO Of Burpee Seeds Calls For REAL Healthcare Reform Just caught this really interesting article at the Grow Your Own Groceries site...seems like they're getting a good flow of articles from many major local-food
Jonny Heirloom
Apr 7
FW: Raw Milk Freedom Bills introduced--HB 4307 & HB 4308 "Real" milk freedom of choice bills being introduced. John http://www.farmtoconsumer.org/news_wp/?p=15174
John Draper
Mar 30
Re: Minerals Elizabeth, Aside from using bone broth, raw dairy, Green PastureÆs Blue Ice Royal (fermented cod liver oil and X-factor butter oil) for re-mineralization, I
Kim Schuette
Mar 29
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Minerals Could I have opinions on the best menerals? I need to remineralize my brown teeth (chemo discolored) and heal my bunion operation. I'm using Concentrace and
Elizabeth Parashis
Mar 28
Phoenix, AZ area people Hi folks. Please pardon if this is too off- topic. I generally lurk so my user name may not be familiar but I've been on the list for quite some time now. I'm
Mar 19
Only 3 Days left for Tuition Discounts in this Ground-Breaking Cours Dear Friends, Evolutionary transformation is afoot. It is beginning to feel palpable, this great change that we are all taking part in. Now is the time to
Living Mandala
Mar 11
Debra Dadd's water filter Does anyone have an opinion of Debra Lynn Dadd's water filter Ultra-UC Water Filter/Revitalizer made by PureEffect Advanced Filtration Do you know if that one
Elizabeth Parashis
Mar 9
Crock Pot safety Did some research so now, the search I did on Google brought up a very interesting article which seems to say no crock pot is toxic. But left it open.
Elizabeth Parashis
Feb 27
Crock Pots leaching Lead Hoping the person who started the discussion about crock pots leaching lead, especially Rival, could respond to this email to say what you know. Were you the
Elizabeth Parashis
Feb 26
Re: [WAPF-SouthBay] Crock-Pot cooker ... How did you decide on the size? Do you have a family? I live alone, but that does not mean I would only need a certain size, so how did you decide what
Feb 25
Urgent need ground goat meat We URGENTLY need about 30 - 40 lbs of grass fed ground goat meat (no organs or bones, of course.) If anyone can help, please email me privately. This is a
Lynne Muelle
Feb 23
Re: [WAPF-SouthBay] Crock-Pot cooker Sent from my LG Mobile
Feb 23
Crock-Pot cooker Hi everyone. I'm tired of having to make soup each week (I put in small containers to pull out each night to eat along with my meal). It takes me 2 hours to
Elizabeth Parashis
Feb 23
Re: COPD Help ... Elizabeth No he does NOT need meds. They will only mask symptoms and make him sick in other ways. You want to heal the condition, not mask it. Doctors are
Feb 13
Juicers Anyone know which juicer Dr Gonzalez recommends? His snooty nurse wouldn't say unless I was a patient. If I had a house to hock I guess I could be. Do you know
Elizabeth Parashis
Feb 13
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Scholarships Available! Permaculture for International Sustainable D Dear Friends, We are building a diverse team of community leaders to join us for this ground-breaking 7SS + Permaculture Design Course focused on International
Living Mandala
Feb 12
COPD Help Hi Everyone, My 59 yr old son has just been diagnosed with stage 1 COPD, an emphysema like condition. He's never smoked but worked in a place where people did.
Elizabeth Parashis
Feb 12
Re: Insects for dinner Bugs are the future of protein. They are the present for much of the world. The weight of termites alone is far greater than that of humans on this earth. I
Scott Rubel
Jan 25
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