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Santa and the Satan

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  • Raja Mattar
    Santa and the Satan Former President Clinton says that he will Die for Israel so he has now openly shown his true colors. We knew this adulterous, liar and
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 2, 2003
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      Santa and the Satan

      Former President Clinton says that he will "Die for Israel"
      so he has
      now openly shown his true colors. We knew this adulterous,
      liar and
      arrogant Irish American was in bed with the Jews but the
      Arab world
      needs to wake up and see this.Today I have cut all
      relations with
      every American I know, Muslim and non-Muslim and I will
      adavise all
      Arabs and Muslims to do the same.War has been declared and
      American military are about to bomb Iraq again even though
      already killed many Arabs including startving 1,000,000
      Iraqi babies
      while their white babies multiply like rats in America.They
      concern for the Arab race and once i believed that
      Christians and
      Jews could get along with Muslims,now I see that prophecy
      was right
      we will go to war with them and we must invade Europe as
      are rats of the human race and no good.Every American will
      unsubscribed from here,we don't want to waste our time on
      anything to
      do with you all.There is only one way to free palestine and
      its not


      A Christian friend of mines showed me an article in the
      Jewish dominated Newspaper yesterday and I was surprised
      because 12
      years ago when I wrote for a Palestinian Arab Magazine
      based in
      Florida's Tampa Bay, it was underground. Yes, in the same
      called "free country", we had to write articles underground
      and send
      it off just like the Jews of Hitler's Germany. Americans
      have yet to
      realize that our generation is a generation that grew up
      either under
      occupation from the Israelis or witnessed American support
      of it as
      well as in our schools, books, movies and all forms of
      Therefore don't blame us for being angry now, don't blame
      us for
      seeing no hope but war now and don't even claim to
      understand because
      you don't and never will simply because this has not
      happened to you
      yet! Your fate is yet to come promised by God and it will
      be in the
      form of great earthquakes, floods, missiles from the skies
      whoever survives, Jesus(AS) will be there to slay you
      unless you were
      a practicing Christians who truly understood Jesus'
      teachings which
      is no different from all 240,000 Prophets(AS) of God sent
      to mankind
      to warn them of the oneness of God, the first of the 10
      Since Americans have thrown out morals through the window,
      don't care
      about suffering nations even though the Holy Bible tells
      them that
      the "meek shall inherit the earth" and they were warned
      about Sodom
      and Gomorra but still they do not listen as they will not
      to what I
      am writing here to too. However, my Christian friend gave
      me a copy
      of this article which I want to share with you entitled,
      My Arab
      brother Fassed says,
      "Ayman missed his second birthday. He was only 18 months
      Mohammed did not pass the age of 4; Diana was only 5; Mona
      was killed
      with her children, Subhi died with his 5 year old son.
      Diana Matar
      was only two months old and Ala Matar was 11 years old.
      What on earth did they do wrong? They were not allowed to
      live in
      freedom, not to live at all. Ariel Sharon called July 23
      bombings in
      Gaza "a great success". He added, "we of course have no
      interest in
      striking civilians and are always sorry over civilians who
      But Palestine Red Crescent Society statistics show that
      Sharon lies.
      With 1,669 Palestinians killed and 19,792 injured, of which
      most are
      civilians, who can believe him?"
      COMMENTS: For those who do not understand what he is saying
      Brother Fassed is referring to the recent attacks on
      civilians with
      an American made F16 Fighter plane which dropped a 1,000 lb
      bomb in
      Gaza, Palestine which killed 15 Palestinians. Just imagine
      that same
      1,000 lb bomb being dropped in your American neighborhood
      and killing
      your children? Oh you cannot because for the last 53 years
      and in
      particular 35 years you refused to even listen or learn or
      read about
      it! My Arab brother continues to say:
      "All countries that still supply Israel with arms are
      complicit in
      this war crime. The United States, Britain, the
      Netherlands, and
      others supply Israel with the tools to erase the existence
      Palestinians on their own land. Will the perpetrators face
      Will Sharon, other Israeli officials or the pilot who
      dropped the
      bomb be exposed to criminal prosecution in Israel or
      elsewhere under
      the principle of universal justice?
      I read that a Spokesman for the United Nations, Fred
      Eckhard, has
      said that "Israel has a legal and moral responsibility to
      take all
      measures to avoid the loss of innocent life." That same
      global body
      did not want to know the truth about what happened in Jenin
      Nablus during April's attacks by Israeli troops.
      It's self-defense," says Israeli spokesman Gideon Meir, in
      state terror. But if you want to defend a country, its
      borders must
      be set. Expanding territory is not "self defense",
      oppressing a
      nation is not "self defense", depriving children of the
      right to
      live, the right to education, the right to work, and the
      right to
      development cannot be termed "Self-defense."
      COMMENTS: The fact is Europe and America are directly
      for the occupation and state terror Palestinians face
      funded by their
      own people via their tax money. Israel is an illegal state
      imposed on
      the state of Palestine to which even the Red Necks Bible
      people of Southern U.S. knows as Philistine in their
      Bibles. However,
      their arrogance is so much and their stupidity is so much
      that they
      don't even know that the word "ALLAH" is Arabic meaning
      "GOD". They
      believe that "ALLAH" is something else, so if their level
      intelligence is so great, how can they truly see or
      understand what
      is going on? It's like asking a Donkey, do you understand
      formulae? Then, they stubbornly support Israel in every
      step you take
      so much that everyday on the News you either hear about
      11th 2001 or about israeli's so called "victims" and they
      never give
      a balanced view of the Palestinian plight! Last night we
      all heard of
      5 Americans killed in occupied Palestine called Israel and
      I am glad
      for them! It should have been more because they know very
      well what
      they are doing by going there to support aggression and
      some who
      survived even said that they would stay. Hamas should NEVER
      have to
      apologize for Americans killed there because they choose to
      be there
      and that's the price for supporting a state terrorist
      illegal state
      of Israel on Palestinian lands.
      My brother Fassed continues to say in that article:
      "The key point about terrorism, on which almost everyone
      agrees, is
      that it is politically motivated. This is what
      distinguishes it from,
      say, murder or football hooliganism. Terrorism is
      calculated to
      terrorize the public or a particular section of it. In the
      definition of self-defense, however, terrorism can never be
      by a state.
      Denying that states cannot commit acts of terror is
      generally useful,
      because it gets Israel and its allies off the hook in a
      variety of
      Recently and in the past, Western countries, in particular
      those that
      support Israel, tend to define "terrorism" in such a way
      that acts
      describable as "terror" are applied mostly to resistance
      groups and
      rarely to states. According to Israel, all acts of
      resistance by the
      Palestinians are forms of terrorism, including acts against
      occupation forces. This definition of "terrorism" renders
      COMMENTS: The fact is, America, Israel and Europe know very
      well what
      they are doing and are not ignorant of their evil actions
      towards the
      oppressed people of Palestine and to what they are doing to
      Holy lands as the Zionist Israelis have begun to turn one
      of the
      three Holy places in Palestine, the Ibrahimi Mosque into a
      Jewish den
      of pork, wine and filth with not a single World U.N.
      condemning it and taking physical action to stop it from
      However, if a Muslim army is raised to defend it you will
      see how
      quickly these same Christian and Jewish hypocrites would
      move to
      condemn that action and even take military action against
      it. So,
      Arabs and Muslims must understand that we have no friends
      in the
      Great Satan of the U.S., in the evil countries of Europe
      and of
      course in the devil child of Israel. When this is clearly
      then the inevitable war will begin to rid us of these
      devils once and
      for all. It is fine for them to drink their beers, eat
      their pork
      burgers and insult us by using racial stereotypes but we
      must suffer
      in the U.S. and outside the U.S. for it. I call on the Arab
      armies of
      Salahudeen Ayyubi who drove the Christian crusader
      back to Europe when they attacked us about 1,000 years ago
      to rise
      and unite us! Unite us all!!
      My brother Fassed continues to say:
      "in 1948, the Nations of the World adopted the Universal
      of Human Rights, which says, "It is essential, if man is
      not to be
      compelled to have recourse, as a last resort, to rebellion
      tyranny and oppression, that human rights should be
      protected by the
      rule of law."
      International humanitarian law prohibits attacks on the
      populations as such, as well as individual citizens. Acts
      or threats
      of violence, the primary purposes of which is to spread
      terror among
      a civilian population, are prohibited.
      Israel's use of terror has been qualitatively and
      quantitatively much
      higher than that of the Palestinians. The number of
      civilians killed
      as the result of actions by Israel, both before its
      creation and
      after, has far exceeded the number of Israeli civilians
      killed by
      Palestinian groups. "
      COMMENTS: Someday I wish the Arabs would wake up like I did
      as a
      former Honorary Member of the U.N. until I realized that
      they are
      nothing but a front for the American Government's foreign
      Every country it goes into is usually a country where
      America has
      interests and wants to keep it that way from the post Cold
      war to
      America's new so-called enemies, the Arabs and Muslims. We
      have been
      at war with America but we did not realize we were at war
      with her
      because our enemies have hid behind the skirts of the
      American High
      tech military but even that is vulnerable as we have seen
      in Lebanon
      in 1982 and in Somalia in the movie depicting Somalia Arab
      bravely facing a Superpower and causing it to run with its
      between its legs out of the lands of people of color. You
      would also
      have noticed that even though America went to war with
      England for
      its independence, today America and England are practically
      in bed
      screwing each other and acting along their mutual
      interests. In the
      end, Arabs and Muslims have to wake up to this reality that
      we are
      alone in our struggle for freedom and justice and there is
      only one
      way to achieve that: to wage a war against our enemies with
      exception of Dajjal (America) as Allah (God in Arabic) has
      set aside
      His own punishment for this miserable Empire of evil or the
      Satan. A special Prophet called Jesus(AS) will slay Dajjal
      prophecy says and this is why we are warned not to touch
      the BEAST
      for we are NOT Christ!! Killing the Beast is his job not
      ours. Our
      job is to see Isreal destroyed so that it will not rear its
      ugly face
      again ever for future generations of Arabs and Muslims. Our
      job is to
      invade Europe and take back what was stolen from us and the
      continuing oppression faced by our people there and by the
      they maintain in our Holy Lands. However, even greater, our
      job is to
      unite with the Imam Mahdi (AS) from Iraq to destroy the
      who will rise from Syria and use the struggles in Palestine
      and the
      reintroduction of the state of Palestine to suppress us
      even more
      than the Zionist Jews. Keep in mind that Syria has the
      largest army
      in the Middle East and they have not fired one shot into
      Israel in
      the last 20 years yet, as of last night Israeli American
      made tanks
      are rolling in Palestinian neighborhoods and Syria still
      quite. It is the duty of Syrian Arabs to overthrow
      President Basher,
      executing him and using his army to completely free
      Palestine and
      destroy this evil child so as to never worry about it
      My brother Fassed continues to say:
      "Dehumanization through Political language paralyzes normal
      empathy and disrupts moral inhibitions. Ariel Sharon's
      insistence on
      mopping up "2,000 terrorists" in the Sabra and Shatila
      camps in
      Lebanon in 1982 was virtually a mandate for the
      slaughter of 2,000 Palestinians by Christian Militias.
      Every minute the world remains silent and inactive the more
      is tolerated. Someone has to stop this. Someone has to take
      before it is too late."
      COMMENTS: The fact is, the Americans although seemingly
      stupid at
      what the American government does to them locally, are
      aware of what
      is going on in Palestine, they have had decades to know
      that brought
      to them by our forefathers and by ourselves in the last 12
      years at
      least. However, they choose to ignore it and that's why
      they are
      rushing to Israel to support it and that's why I simply do
      not care
      how many American lives are taken on Palestinian soil in
      their lands from the isrealis. The Isrealis have hijacked
      America and
      now they have hijacked American citizens to get involved in
      fight to steal lands and commit vast violations of human
      abuses. MY cousin was assassinated in Lebanon by Sharon
      yet, he has
      not been tried for it and never will, so if he won't get
      then we must bring justice to the Zionist Jewish Pig! This
      is why I
      am fed up of all our attempts to get Europeans, European
      and even Arab leaders to stop this Israeli aggression. It
      will never
      stop that way because the same people we are looking to
      stop it are
      the people involved in it! The average Christian and Jewish
      don't care about the Arabs or Muslims even though we
      obviously have
      too much compassion and concern for them. They will not
      change; the only people to free Palestine will be the
      Muslims and
      Arabs. Even the Christian Palestinians have fled to
      countries like
      Chile where 350,000 Palestinians of Christian background
      live today,
      so the Arab Muslim Palestinians are the ones mainly dying
      and who
      cares for my brothers and sisters who are dying either by
      hands or resisting Israeli hands via suicide bombings? NO
      ONE!! So we
      should stop wasting time, money, effort with the American
      people and
      European and raise instead our army to invade Europe,
      destroy Israel
      and end this Christian aggression towards us which is clear
      clearer everyday. The Prophecy that we are told that the
      "Cross will
      wage a war against the Crescent" has already begun, Muslims
      and Arabs
      have to wake up and realize it and "fight in the way of God
      all those
      who fight against you but lo begin not hostilities,"
      according to the
      Holy Quran which gives us our God given right to defend
      ourselves and
      especially now that the world has failed to help us, they
      should made
      to never forget the suffering they have placed our people
      in for the
      last century indeed what Europe has committed against
      people of color
      for the last 500 years at least. Hope from their present
      which to my analysis is more racist, more stubborn, more
      arrogant and
      adds to our oppression than their own parents will never
      Someone once said to me, If you want something done, you
      have to do
      it yourselves. We will never be free but in death
      struggling for our
      freedom and justice. Malcolm X also said this of the Afro
      who are still kissing the arses of European Americans for
      freedom. Blacks in American must be willing to die in order
      to be
      free in a land in which they are still not free as the
      Whiteman still
      keeps lynching them with bullets dressed in Police uniform
      and State
      Judges' uniforms and American Indians will never regain
      their lands
      if they continue to live on Reservations or as the American
      (Isrealis) call them in Palestine, "refugee camps", they
      must be
      willing to scalp heads as their forefathers to free
      themselves. A
      mighty army can fall and if a guerilla group learns to use
      weapons of the oppressor against it then that is a step in
      one's freedom. It is imperative to cut relations with those
      who will
      do harm to us, those who we will waste time on baby sitting
      for the
      Whiteman, and those who will never change or understand.
      God says in
      the Quran that many will be like the cattle, dumb, deaf and
      stupid to
      His message and they will see religious laws and morality
      as a burden
      until that day when they need HIM. Then they will say we
      believe and
      we knew all along but find fault with the devil who shall
      say, I only
      whispered in their minds and they choose to do the wrong;
      they knew
      the right but ignored it all along.

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