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astroimaging etc

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  • mfnastro2005
    Hello everyone Over the past few weeks I ve been experimenting with a webcam for astrophotography. My first attempts at Mars steadily improved as I got used to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2006
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      Hello everyone
      Over the past few weeks I've been experimenting with a webcam for
      astrophotography. My first attempts at Mars steadily improved as I
      got used to the various settings of the webcam as well as the
      registax software. One of the most difficult parts of the imaging
      process is getting the object in the webcam field of view ( approx
      0.0513deg by 0.038deg on my scope ).

      I've had few opportunities through december to do much imaging due
      to the amount of cloud we've had. So to make up for this I've been
      out on a couple of the clear nights in january to image saturn. I
      don't take this too seriously as I haven't the time. I can set up in
      about 5 minutes and have had to move my PC downstairs to be able to
      locate it close to my back door. A laptop would be ideal but too
      expensive. So using a 5m USB extension lead I can focus and observe
      the monitor until I'm happy with the image. Focusing is difficult
      but thats more a problem with my focuser than other factors. I've
      put a Jpeg image of one of my attempts on the photo site, best not
      viewed close up due to the poor resolution! you can see the cassini
      division as well as one of the belts on the planet. I'll carry on
      through opposition where possible to attempt to get better ones.

      Before christmas I observed a very large meteor over hauxley also
      I believe another meteor left a vapour trail ( not a plane ) from
      overhead right to the horizon around 30 minutes later. I
      photographed this.

      On a sour note when purchasing my webcam adaptor a company decided
      to send me the completely incorrect part. After much aggravation I
      had to get my credit card company to get him to refund my account
      even though he had the returned goods ( £16 thats a hanging offence
      in my book! ). His service was shoddy and his attitude very poor. No
      paper work was sent with the goods which were purchased by phone
      from an internet advert. The company is pulsar-optical in
      cambridgeshire. Be very wary if thinking of dealing with them they
      are cowboys. I've had good service from BCF ( kent site ) and

      Well thats enough.

      Best regards

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