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Supernova in M82 I managed to get an image of M82 the other night, despite the misty conditions. Compared to images I took a couple of years ago the star is now very bright.
John Hendry
Feb 2
Observing Session TONIGHT (Friday 30th) Hi everyone I'm sending this via Yahoo because Paul is not able to send this via the Society mailing list. The forecast for later this evening looks good so we
Aug 30, 2013
[Fwd: [Fwd: Nova Delphini 2013]] - TAKING PLACE TONIGHT (16 AUGUST) The weather still looks promising for tonight, so the session at Hauxley is ON. Adrian will be there from about 20:30. -- Regards Paul =============== Paul
Paul Lewis
Aug 16, 2013
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Re: Nova Delphini 2013 Adrian Thanks, I'm interested. Sounds good. Will you post later to confirm and if so, what time? If you can also send it to my Nastro account, I can send it
Paul Lewis
Aug 16, 2013
Nova Delphini 2013 Hi everyone You may be aware that bright nova has been discovered. It's in the constellation Delphinus, near the border with Sagitta. Further details can be
Aug 16, 2013
Re: Obs/Meeting Hi Helen As Paul said, it's the second and last Thursday of each month at The Trap Inn. But this month the venue for the August 29th meeting is likely to be
Aug 16, 2013
Re: Obs/Meeting Helen We meet on the second and last Thursday of every month, except December, when we miss the second meeting. WE meet at 19:30 at The Trap in North
Paul Lewis
Aug 15, 2013
Re: Obs/Meeting Hi Helen, There is a course running at the moment... http://www.nastro.org.uk/2013-astronomy-course.html According to the NASTRO website there are two a month,
Aug 15, 2013
Re: Obs/Meeting Hi Mark Thanks for getting back to me. I am following the twitter feed, however just wanted to confirm whether there are meetings twice a month al year round
Aug 15, 2013
Re: Obs/Meeting Hi Helen, Are you on Facebook or Twitter? If you check http://www.nastro.org.uk/ the Twitter feed is on there, or have a look at
Aug 14, 2013
Obs/Meeting Hi Just wondering if there are any observation sessions or talks coming up as my husband and I are hoping to join. Kind regards Helen
Helen Passey
Aug 14, 2013
Meteor shower BBQ 10 August at 20:30 Low Hauxley Nature Reserve As posted on the Facebook page. Mark
Aug 6, 2013
On Thursday at NASTRO Dr Paul Lewis FRAS will be talking about 'Astronomy in Antiquity'. He will examine how the Ancients perceived the sky, once they tried to understand it and
May 30, 2013
Tweet forwarded by @THXTEX Talking with the @Nastronomers tonight about all the small things....asteroids, comets & meteors. Join us! Original Tweet:
May 9, 2013
Equipment for sale Found this posted on the Sunderland and Newcastle Astro Facebook pages. "Malcolm Robinson of NASTRO has decided to sell all of his astrophotography gear and
Apr 30, 2013
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The NASTRO Yahoo group Hi there, After talking to Adrian and listening to feedback I am to take some responsibility in moderating the yahoo group. Where possible I will cross post
Apr 28, 2013
Last night's effort I thought I would let people who don't use facebook have a look at my stacked image from last night. During the set up procedure when I was calibrating my
Apr 28, 2013
Re: Future of this group while i am not really a part of this group inasmuchas i haven't lived close to northumberland for many years but still like finding out what you're up to - i
Ed Chester
Apr 24, 2013
Re: Future of this group Hi Adrian,                     Unfortunately we've been without internet for a couple of weeks and missed the beginning of this
brian pollitt
Apr 24, 2013
Re: Future of this group Thanks Dave - just saw this. I'll give it a try - might be the best solution. Adrian
Apr 17, 2013
Re: Future of this group Thanks for your thoughts everyone. Paul - Many of the concerns you have are detailed comprehensively here (along with many others).
Apr 17, 2013
Re: Future of this group Would it not be possible to register the nastro@yahoogroups.com email address on Facebook and make it a member of the nastro Facebook group? You could then set
Dave Scott
Apr 17, 2013
Re: Future of this group Hi all I can see both sides of the point here, the main problem will be who is to run the yahoo group? It does have its drawbacks but for those who do not wish
Tim Kent
Apr 17, 2013
Re: Future of this group Hello NastronomersDad said that he won't do facebook, as he does not like it!!!So our opinion on this is to keep the yahoo group, as it is not taking anything
Apr 16, 2013
Re: Future of this group PS I received the message below probably about 60 secs after sending it. Regards Paul
Paul Lewis
Apr 16, 2013
Re: Future of this group Adrian 1. The link you have provided to Facebook does not work. It will not let you in until you login or register. I do not like sites that insist that you
Paul Lewis
Apr 16, 2013
Re: Future of this group Adrian, Thanks for the email. I didn't realise that the focus had moved to FB. Have now signed-up there. Whilst we don't have time to be active members I do
Apr 16, 2013
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Re: Future of this group Hi Adrian, I'm one of those you refer to who don't use FB. I don't have plans to sign up either, but am interested in activities of Nastro. If I'm honest I
Diane And Richard Goddard
Apr 16, 2013
Re: Future of this group Hi Adrian Though not a member, I do like to keep in touch with what the members are doing, I do not 'do' Facebook. Cheers John Hendry
john hendry
Apr 15, 2013
Re: Future of this group Hi Adrian   I liked the group but a lot of members stopped using it and went onto face book where incidentally I have had my Email breached twice by it as
Bob Scott
Apr 15, 2013
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