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Re: [nashvilleorigami] Origami Club Monthly Meeting - Oct. 17th

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  • Christina Stephens
    The bat looks cool!  I d definitely be interested in a lesson on wet folding. Christina   Science is fun, unless you have to make a living at it. -- Albert
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      The bat looks cool!  I'd definitely be interested in a lesson on wet folding.
      "Science is fun, unless you have to make a living at it."
      -- Albert Einstein

      "No mystical energy field controls *my* destiny. It's all a lot of simple tricks and nonsense."
      -- Han Solo, Star Wars, Episode IV

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      Subject: [nashvilleorigami] Origami Club Monthly Meeting - Oct. 17th


      Our next meeting is only a week and a half away! I am currently
      working on getting materials together to teach a model or two.
      Probably an intermediate bat and a simple jack-o-lantern for
      Here is a picture of the bat, although not this small...

      If there is any interest, we can fold the bat twice and use some wet
      folding techniques on the second one.

      For lots of other Halloween folding resources, check out

      I have also had a few simple business cards printed with the club
      information on them. I plan to put some on community bulletin boards
      at places like Panera in my area and I have dispatched agents to a
      couple of other locations. If you have any ideas for other places
      with bulletin boards just let me know, or I can give you a few cards
      at the next club meeting.

      Hope to see you on the 17th!


      p.s. Here are the results of my folding at last month's meeting.
      p.p.s. Here are the things I have been working on since then. Two of
      these would be good candidates for Christmas tree ornaments next year.

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