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sept. meeting review/planning notes

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  • Malachi Brown
    First of all, I would like to report that our September meeting set a new attendance record of 9 members! That may be setting the bar a little high, but we
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 24, 2010
      First of all, I would like to report that our September meeting set a
      new attendance record of 9 members! That may be setting the bar a
      little high, but we did discuss so possible future efforts to promote
      the group. Among the models being folded were a 30 unit "bow-tie"
      icosahedron, a giant Yoda, a baby carriage, a nodding dog, and a few
      fleixcubes. (I should probably start taking pictures at meetings, but
      I'm usually distracted by folding.

      The ideas that were discussed for promoting the group included:
      * Creating business cards (maybe fold-able, maybe not)
      * Folded models as business cards
      * Creating fliers (maybe fold-able, maybe not)
      * Creating a decorated Christmas tree or seasonal display
      * Teaching classes/doing demos of seasonal models

      We discussed that it may be challenging to pull together the models to
      decorate a full sized tree at this point in the year, so that may be
      something that we plan for next year. A seasonal display has some
      advantages in that it is more flexible in terms of display locations
      and in when it can be on display. i.e. we could create one for any
      season. There was also some discussion about what models would be
      good for a Christmas tree, with an emphasis on modular balls and

      We also discussed that the business cards or fliers will likely need a
      logo, preferably one that is iconic of Nashville but also related to
      origami or recognizable as origami. Various Nashville/middle TN
      images were discussed as possibilities. One idea would be to design
      an origami model of one of them and use that as part of the logo.
      This presents some design challenges of making something both
      recognizable but also evocative of origami. Another option would be
      to have someone artistic draw a logo that suggests origami without
      actually being a fold-able model.

      The idea of creating a stamp with our information and/or logo on it so
      that we could stamp any model for distribution was also discussed.

      Next steps:
      1. Work on a logo design (being un-artistic, any help here is welcome)
      2. Investigate creating a stamp
      3. Research possible venues for decorated tree/seasonal display
      (suggestions included the library and Cheekwood, although it was
      mentioned that Cheekwood does not do as many Christmas trees as they
      have in the past)
      4. Brainstorm good models for seasonal demos/classes

      Let me know if you are interested in following up on any of these
      between now and the October meeting. Also, please pipe up if I missed
      anything major or glossed over anything important. I didn't take
      notes, but I probably should have.


      appendix a: Nashville Icons
      The Bat(man) Building (clear favorite, as almost everyone I talk to
      mentions it first)
      state flag/circle with stars
      The Ryman
      The Parthenon
      Opryland/The Grand Ole Opry
      "music city"
      state capitol
      Ghost Ballet
      Fort Negley
      Adventure Science Center
      Predator Arena
      LP Field
      Greer Stadium
      The Hermitage
      Old Hickory/Jackson
      shape of TN
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