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Re: [nashvilleorigami] group handbook

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  • Malachi Brown
    Well, as Joelle said, this is something that can be discussed at the next meeting, but there are two basic ideas that I have had. One is to have business
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 13, 2010
      Well, as Joelle said, this is something that can be discussed at the next meeting, but there are two basic ideas that I have had.  One is to have business cards printed with the crease pattern of a simple model, in addition to the club's contact information.  I have done a lot of business card origami, but am not sure there is a good model that is simple enough to be feasible but also not require a large number of cards to complete.

      I have drawn out the necessary creases for the jumping frog, but even that is fairly complicated when it's all there on the page.  I will try to remember to bring my prototypes Sunday.  A model like the jumping frog would probably be best on light/cheap card stock.

      The other idea is to print the club's info on some squares that are then folded into a particular model, such as the crane.  Basically the finished model is the business card, in that case.  I believe some groups have also done squares printed with crease patterns/instructions so the recipient actually folds the model.


      On Mon, Sep 13, 2010 at 8:07 PM, Kelly Falzone <kellyfalzone@...> wrote:

      Hi Malachi and other members...
      This idea of the foldable business card intrigues me and I would be willing to fold if someone collaborates on the idea... nothing too complicated if we need lots but I'm inspired by the idea. Is it something we should/could bring up at the next meeting? or should we start on it sooner?
      Kelly Falzone


      From: Malachi Brown <malachus@...>
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      Subject: [nashvilleorigami] group handbook


      Someone recently pointed out the origami local group handbook that
      Origami USA produced.

      I have perused it and several of the suggestions are things that I
      have done in the past, but we could always do more of in the future.
      There are also some things that I have intended to do but haven't
      gotten around to yet, like flyers and, as Joelle and I have discussed,
      business cards. I want to do something clever (and foldable) with a
      club business card, but that takes time, which is in short supply. I
      should probably go ahead and have some generic ones made.

      If any of you want to take any of the ideas in there and run with it,
      let me know and I will do my best to help.

      I also officially joined Origami USA today and I have submitted a
      request for our group information to be included on the web site.


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