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273cherry blossom festival planning

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  • Malachi Brown
    Jan 20, 2013
      Today was a really great club meeting, with 15 people if I counted correctly.

      We discussed the Cherry Blossom Festival which is coming up on March 23rd.  I will be putting in our application in the next week.

      My plan is pretty much the same as last year: teach simple to low intermediate models from a small menu.  Suggestions for other models to teach are welcome.

      If you want to come and help teach origami during the festival let me know.  I still have plenty of supplies, but I could use some help in a few other areas if you have the time and/or interest.  

      * We could probably use better signage.  In the past I have just printed out some simple signs but if anyone has a better idea that would be great.

      * We could probably use more informative fliers to give out.  In the past I have used the sheet of traditional diagrams with out name and contact info in the corner as well as the mini-cards, but we could certainly have a more robust flier to give out. Either as a single sheet or maybe a square that could be folded into something.  My graphic design and layout skills are nonexistent so help with this would be appreciated.

      * Last year we gave away tops and one-minute roses for donations.  I plan to do this again this year to help defray the cost of getting the booth.  If you have any ideas for good models to prepare in advance for that, or if you would be willing to fold some in advance please let me know.

      * If you want to pitch in a few dollars that would be handy, too.  I am planning to borrow a tent again and bring my own tables and chairs so the space will cost $50 instead of $150 (which would come with a table and two chairs) to keep costs low.  

      * On a related note, if you have any chairs (and maybe a table) that you can bring, that would be helpful.  I should be able to bring at least one 6' banquet table, and hopefully two which was adequate last year, but I don't have many chairs and the ones I have are nearing the end of their life.  Also, any compact weights, including something like a gallon jug full of water would also be helpful in securing the tent.

      thank you,