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245dollywood opportunity

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  • Malachi Brown
    May 23, 2012
      I have been contacted about an opportunity to teach/demonstrate origami next year at Dollywood next year.  During the month of April (and into May a little bit), they have a celebration of cultures event and next year they are considering a focus on Asian culture.  They are looking for opportunities to incorporate cultural elements in addition to the more typical performance arts of music and dance.  

      Currently the idea would be to have a group of people who can teach who will each commit to, say, a week there (they should cover expenses).  The person I talked to is also contacting the Crossville group and the home office of Origami USA to see if they might also want to be involved, and to possibly get OUSA to sell materials.  

      If any of you are interest in participating or have ideas for ways to incorporate origami (I also suggested an origami art installation of some sort), let me know.  There is, of course, a chance that they may not end up doing this at all, since they are still in the planning stages, but it sounds like it would be fun to me.