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21Re: first meeting report/future planning

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  • doblopapel
    May 20, 2009
      Perhaps next time, the founding of the anarcho-syndicalist commune will not be so contentious. I think we could really make some progress if _certain_ members were not so committed to hanging on to outdated imperialist dogma which perpetuates the economic and social differences in our society.

      That being said, perhaps we should band together to assists Bats in constructing a multi-unit structure. However, it might be good to begin with something requiring substantially less than 2000 units.

      Barring that, either free fold or some wet folding. If wet folding, what sponge works best? What fold is sponge worthy?

      We could meet again on the 28th, same bat time, same bat cave.

      Suggestion: coffee and something baked by Bats.

      > Well, our first meeting was a success with three attendees. Although we
      > didn't manage to settle on any bylaws or elect officers, we did tentatively
      > agree to try to meet again some time in mid to late June, probably on a
      > Sunday again since that seemed to work well.
      > Are there any thoughts, suggestions, or objections?
      > What would you guys like to see in terms of meeting structure? More
      > free-folding? Learning/teaching a specific model or technique? Something
      > else?
      > Remember, this group is whatever we want to make of it. ("Why, I can make a
      > hat or a brooch or a pterodactyl...")
      > thanks,
      > malachi
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