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Waste Vegetable Oil Available

A club I belong to has 25 gallons of once used fry oil available in 5 gallon carboys, and will have another 25 gallons available soon. The oil is free for the
Aug 5

Free Waste Veggie Oil

I have two 55 gallon metal drums of waste veggie oil - a total of 110 gallons, that I need gone by Saturday, December 10. If you're interested, give me a call
John Fenderson
Dec 2, 2016

Biofuels Worse for Climate Than Gasoline, New Study Finds - EcoWatch

A new study released by the University of Michigan in the Aug. 25 journal of Climate Change is causing a ripple through the fuel industry, as it contends that
Doug Kalmer
Aug 26, 2016

The Secret to Better Biofuels May Lie in Panda Poop | Smart News | S

Everybody poops, but panda feces might one day help fuel cars. A group of Belgian scientists believe that panda poop might contain clues to creating new and
Doug Kalmer
Oct 5, 2015

Volkswagen Used 'Defeat Device' To Skirt Emissions Rules, EPA Says :

The Environmental Protection Agency says Volkswagen intentionally violated the Clean Air Act by using sophisticated software in its diesel-powered cars that
Doug Kalmer
Sep 19, 2015

Re: Who's making biodiesel?

There is a simple method to make a small amount called the Dr. Pepper method. You could try that?
Rob Benshoof
Sep 8, 2015

Who's making biodiesel?

I'm interested in knowing who's making biodiesel in or near Nashville. I need a small quantity in a few weeks for some experiments at a local college. I can
Sep 7, 2015

Algae next great renewable energy source - Business Insider

Worldwide oil prices are subject to quite a bit of volatility and are often affected by political disputes and controversies. When we consider these facts, in
Doug Kalmer
Aug 17, 2015

Re: Digest Number 1260

account was hijacked
Doug Kalmer
Apr 9, 2015

Boeing, Hainan Airlines Operate China’s First Cooking Oil-powered

China’s Hainan Airlines has successfully conducted the first-ever flight in the country powered by recycled cooking oil. Boeing, Hainan Airlines, and Sinopec
Doug Kalmer
Mar 28, 2015

With "True Cost" Of Emissions Factored In, Gasoline Would Cost $3.80

If the “true costs” of emissions — increased rates of premature death, illness, increased loads on the healthcare system, lowered crop yields, missed
Doug Kalmer
Mar 9, 2015

Re: Greetings from "The Old Man" BFL9000!

So nice to hear from you Rob! If you get a chance, check me out on YouTube, Search "mapaladini" or "MacGyvers Workshop" and you will find me. I have lots of
Jan 21, 2015

Re: Greetings from "The Old Man" BFL9000!

Hello BLF9000 and bioenergytn, Glad to hear you are both still making or planning to make alternative energy. I am still burning grease. I drive my 2nd
Jan 19, 2015

Re: Greetings from "The Old Man" BFL9000!

Gee! A blast from the past! I remember....most of us are still at it. I developed gasification to energy using biomass feedstock that was easy to attain and
Jan 18, 2015

Greetings from "The Old Man" BFL9000!

Hello everyone! Most of you on here may not even know me. I haven't been on in such a long time. I was heavy into Biodiesel back in 2005, and was one of the
Jan 18, 2015
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