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Re: Dave! Don't Take the Job Unless...

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  • xineymarie
    ... their ... at ... of law. ... right now. ... well, being a mad scientist and all, who threatens the government and such, i seriously doubt helen has her
    Message 1 of 9 , Oct 10, 2000
      --- In narbonic@egroups.com, Ed Wells <ewells@t...> wrote:
      > xineymarie wrote:
      > > --- In narbonic@egroups.com, "Ed Wells" <ewells@t...> wrote:
      > > > ...they have a really good vision care package included with
      > > > health benefits!
      > >
      > > may i point out that, out of fear for his life a few weeks back
      > > (right
      > > before the rotating blade incident), dave agreed to take the job
      > > minimum wage, with NO benefits? yes, this was in an extreme
      > > situation,
      > > but i wouldn't put it past helen to hold him to it. and at this
      > > point
      > > i don't think dave is really in the mood to fight it.
      > A promise made under physical duress is not enforceable in a court
      of law.
      > Which is why Hellen is plying dave with poisoned non-alcohol beer
      right now.

      well, being a mad scientist and all, who threatens the government and
      such, i seriously doubt helen has her business registered, legally,
      do i think dave will be paid on the books. so i don't think his plea
      "a promise made under physical duress...[yadda yadda yadda]" would
      GET to court. you can't really sue a business that doesn't exist.
      especially not if they're paying you anyway, under the table, in a
      that allows you personally (dave, that is) to evade income tax. it
      a verbal agreement between two individuals. with witnesses. i
      that would hold up. thus, dave is screwed. but, as i said
      i'm betting he's too tired to really give a fuck.

      (this may all be grossly innaccurate, but hey, i'm no lawyer. or mad

      > > in the meantime... any of you vassarions in the mood for a rousing
      > > game
      > > of "narbonic paper dolls" anytime soon? (c;
      > >

      *sigh* interesting how, of course, the conclusion of "kisamae" or
      whatever it's called is jumped to... the reason i specified
      "vassarions" is because some of us still are ok with good old
      paper, thus the only people i could really do that with are HERE.
      i was kidding anyway. sorta. feel free to test me on that one.

      oh, and just to add to the growing discussion on helen's
      attractiveness... i forget who expressed this view, but i agree with
      the analysis of "cute, yes... snuggly, yes... sexy, no no no." oh,
      wait, i suppose i should declare my sexual orientation in order to
      a sense of context to that, since everyone else has. ok, so in
      and from an aesthetic point of view, and if one could choose their
      sexual orientation, that would be bi. in actuality, and in PRACTICE,
      i'm straight (i just don't feel right somehow getting with a girl...
      guys suck, but they DO get me going in a way that girls just don't).
      MELL, now... she's a cutie, and there is indeed something sexy about
      the flouncy shirt and the cute little shoulders playing peek-a-boo...
      and i really liked her style of undergarments. the undershirt was
      adorable. and sexy, in a cute way. so yeah, in my humble opinion,
      mell is way sexier than helen. and i'd love to snuggle with both.
      dave, if he'd let me. though he's not all that sexy... it would just
      be fun to make him snuggle. i don't think he'd really want to unless
      he knew me well. and seeing as we exist in two separate dimensions
      existence, i doubt that'll be happening anytime soon. plus he'd make
      me all smelly with his cigarettes. ugk.

      ~xinema, procrastinating... film paper... ugh.
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