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979Today's Belfast blog; some philosophizing

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  • Jon Kennedy
    Jan 21, 2014
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      Click here to read online with embedded video and other graphics.

      Below is the text only of today's blog.

      JONAL ENTRY 1387 | TUESDAY, JANUARY 22 2014

      Today's Scripture: . . . it has become known throughout the praetorian guard and to all the rest that my imprisonment is for Christ; and most of the brethren have been made confident in the Lord because of my imprisonment, and are much more bold to speak the word of God without fear.
      — From St. Paul's Letter to the Philippians chapter 1,
      from today's Orthodox lectionary readings.
      See the homiletical thought below.

      Today's diary

      Cliftonville Moravian Church, Belfast, was the site of a cross-community unity service Monday evening. It was well attended and well received by everyone I talked to. A member of the congregation told me that John Wesley, the great evangelist who led pre-Revolutionary America's Great Awakening and founded Methodism, encountered Moravians on one of his trips across the Atlantic. The ship was in danger of sinking, but the Moravians aboard were so confident in God's providence that they made a lasting positive impression on him.
      I shot the following on the peace wall adjacent to Townsend Presbyterian Church yesterday afternoon. I wondered what the "signature," BA.NSKY, seen in the lower left corner, was about, so of course, Google it. Wikipedia had an answer; Bansky is a "serious grafitti artist" whose work has been seen, and occasionally officially recognized, mostly in the United Kingdom.
      Initially, I thought, this is not "art" like the examples of his work found on that Wikipedia page. But I then remembered that, on the wall on other side of Townsend Street, possibly as a continuation of this philosophical scrawl, I had seen an "artistic" mural on the wall. I tried shooting it at the same time, in fact, but it was too shaded to get a usable print. I'll have to get back there ASAP to try getting another shot; but not today, as the rain is back for now.

      Philosophical stuff
      Yesterday was Martin Luther King Day in the States, so there was a great deal of discussing and quoting of him and his teachings on the social networks. I found the video below, which was linked several times, especially interesting, as I had forgotten that King had been a Republican (I'd been a Democrat myself in those days). It has long been a mystery to me—philosophically, not politically—why most African-Americans affiliate with the Democrats as that party opposed both abolition of slavery and of segregation long after Republicans made both of those reforms part of their platforms. AlfonZo Rachel's video gives his answer.
      Today's Inspiration

      Today's quotes
      Homiletical thought: Today's Gospel and Epistle readings are in perfect sync. All that Paul is suffering was prophesied by Jesus and he promised to deliver those who suffer for his namesake. Whether they live or die sooner rather than later is not of as much significance in eternal terms than whether or not they keep the faith. «

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      Jon R. Kennedy, C. S. Lewis Writer in Residence