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Re: [nanotech] Nanobiotechnology and articles....phd.....

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  • Bruce Bombere
    ... Assembly capillaries! This was a good article. I like the smart ink, it s a good corollary to electrostatic litho. Evolution used to isolate
    Message 1 of 1 , May 7, 2000
      Gina Miller wrote:
      > Some current nano news....
      > May 7, 2000
      > *Molecules with attitude, ready to perform. Functioning nanostructures
      > self-assemble out of ink.
      > Observed through a microscope, dried ink appears as a jumble of particles.
      > Now an ink has been produced that, as it dries, can be seen under very
      > powerful microscopes to self-assemble into orderly layers of very tiny
      > caves -- actually, nanoscopic pores -- each leading to the next. Within
      > these caves, ligands -- active molecules that exhibit molecular recognition
      > charactistics -- interrogate any gas or fluid, laser light, or electric or
      > magnetic field passing through.
      > (Sandia Lab newws release May 4, 00)
      > http://www.sandia.gov/media/NewsRel/NR2000/brink.htm

      Assembly capillaries! This was a good article. I like the
      "smart ink," it's a good corollary to electrostatic litho.

      'Evolution' used to isolate high-affinity ligands
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