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Fw: CCL:MSI Workshops on NMR Techniques in May

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  • Gina Miller
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      Subject: CCL:MSI Workshops on NMR Techniques in May

      > Molecular Simulations Inc. will be holding a pair of workshops focusing on
      > NMR techniques at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ. These workshops
      > are currently the only NMR workshops scheduled in the US for 2000. Space
      > is limited.
      > On May 16-17, the "Biomolecular NMR: Processing and Analysis Workshop"
      > be held. This is an introductory course that addresses aspects of NMR
      > processing, display, and analysis of NMR culminating in the generation of
      > specific NMR-based restraints using FELIX.
      > On May 18-19, the "Biomolecular NMR: Structure Determination Workshop"
      > be given. This course addresses the generation, refinement, and evaluation
      > of structures based upon NMR data using NMR X-PLOR and other modules.
      > Different methods of structure generation using NMR restraints are
      > discussed, as well as methods for evaluating the quality of structures.
      > will also be introduced.
      > Knowledge of routine NMR data collection and analysis techniques is
      > expected. Attendees should have either taken the "Introduction to Life
      > Science Modeling with Insight II Workshop" or have experience with the
      > Insight II interface.
      > Fees for each 2-day course are $1000 commercial, $500 government, and $400
      > academic. However, register for both courses and receive a 25% discount
      > for the second workshop.
      > Further detailed information about this and other MSI training workshops,
      > as well as on-line course registration, can be found at MSI's website
      > (http://www.msi.com/about/events/training). Please do not hesitate to
      > contact me should you have any questions.
      > Thank you very much.
      > Jeffrey L. Nauss
      > MSI Training Programs
      > (858) 799-5555
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