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Conference, Tenerife, Spain

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  • Gina Miller
    ICCE/7 DENVER REGISTRATION FORM this form is not valid unless accompanied with payment, please do not fax this form) Informat ICCE-21 Tenerife, Canary
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 22, 2013
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      ICCE/7 DENVER REGISTRATION FORM this form is not valid unless accompanied with payment, please do not fax this form) Informat

      ICCE-21 Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain, July 21-27, 2013

      (the "Hawaii" of Europe)

      21st Annual International Conference on Composites or Nano Engineering


      re: Call for ICCE-21

      Dear nanogirl@...

      In view of your expertise, we would like to invite you to present paper at the coming ICCE-21 conference. The authors of ICCE-21 are required to submit detailed two-page short papers, each page two-columns with graphs. We welcome papers in the design, manufacture, and use of composite materials and structures and all areas of nanoscience, nanoengineering, energy materials, bio-nano materials, or green composites, among many other topics. All areas on resins such as Metals, Ceramics, polymers, different kinds of fibers and their many properties are included in the scope of this conference.

      This conference has received overwhelming responses to our general call for papers. You are encouraged to inform interested friends to present papers. If you wish to develop sessions, please contact D. Hui.

      The conference aims to solve or partially solve critical issues and balance the three pillars of Composites/Nano engineering, namely, "3M" Mechanics, Manufacturing and Materials, in all length-scales. The ICCE emphasizes the "D.I.M." approaches to science and engineering (namely, DURABILITY approach to structures, INTERDISCIPLINARY approach to science, and MULTIFUNCTIONAL approach to materials). Thus, you will find many chemists and engineers in this conference, a pleasant situation since these two groups traditionally tend to attend separate conferences.

      The conference is intensive and challenge enough for the most brilliant researchers in a five-day conference, and yet relaxed enough for the most discriminate tourists. The ICCE-21 conference has received over 200,000 citations in Google Search. Over 30 lectures were presented by members of US National Academy of Engineering or US National Academy of Science. Like Hawaii, we have never heard of a spouse who does not want to go to Tenerife, it is too good to be there with the fresh air, beaches, huge variations of landscapes, and excellent food, unique artistic culture, and Spanish hospitality (see web and click on "why visit Tenerife?")

      We welcome senior professors or experienced engineers at ICCE-21.. Many of these senior researchers attended ICCE when they were "students" long time ago. This is why we especially welcome junior faculty members and graduate students, we wish to help worthy young researchers to gain visibility and promote research interactions.. The registration fee and hotel costs are reasonable in a five-day materials conference in any EURO country.

      The acceptance of papers in ICCE-21 Tenerife, does not imply acceptance in Composites B journal. Interested author who plans to attend ICCE-21 should submit paper title to D. Hui immediately.


      David Hui

      David Hui

      Chair ICCE-21 Tenerife

      Editor-in-Chief Composites B journal

      Doctor Honoris Causa in Italy, Ukraine and Vietnam


      January 21, 2013

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