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NanoChina Consultation Services

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  • minghua.chen888
    NanoChina Consultation Services Dear Madame or Sir, NanoChina monthly reports We prepare and deliver the NanoChina monthly reports with about 130 pages a month
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 29, 2011
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      NanoChina Consultation Services

      Dear Madame or Sir,

      NanoChina monthly reports

      We prepare and deliver the NanoChina monthly reports with about 130 pages a month in English in all areas of nano researches, technologies and products under development in China incl.

      Nano-science and technology

      This report is a highly comprehensive, yet concise, compilation with researches, analyses, and information with timely insights into trends, events, and activities affecting nano researches, technologies and products in China.

      The NanoChina Report contains independent and unbiased data, information, interviews and analyses of the nano researches, technologies and market in China on a monthly basis, which is the unique and the only one of such kind available on the market.

      The report covers a wide spectrum of topics from government policy to regulations, from market trends to consumer, from lab tests to commercialization, from universities to corporations. Here we show you some of the possible contents as below (but not necessarily in that scope and order):

      Executive Summary
      Development Trends
      International Benchmarking
      Problems, Challenges & Actions
      News & Spotlights
      Policies, Laws, Financing And Incentives
      Government & NGO Programs
      Codes, Directives, Standards & Specifications
      Certification, Licensing & Quality
      Academic & Media
      Company Case Studies
      Industrial Parks
      Nano researches, technologies and products Showcase
      Nano researches, technologies and products producers and providers
      Chinese Nano researches, Technologies and Products In The World
      Foreign Nano researches, technologies and Companies In China
      Regional Development
      Market Status
      Sales, Marketing & Media
      Trade and technology transfer
      Merger & Acquisition
      IT & Internet for Nano-technology
      Calendar & Events

      Our content is sourced from our proprietary, impartial researches with high net-worth consumers on major issues and current events. We also review leading publications, top tier consultants, leading universities and independent researchers, and governmental sources for additional independent materials of value for our readers.

      The report contains 130+ pages of rich information, analyses and insights and all necessary information you need to know about the Chinese Nano researches, technologies and products market, and with 12 month issues a year and an annual analysis and summary report. In between we may present you additional reports as the case may arise ¨C such as an important event etc.

      The reports are written in US English.

      The reports are delivered to our clients currently in PDF format electronically, to their email boxes.

      The reports are delivered at the later half of the month for the last month.

      NanoChina Services

      We also help foreign Nano researches, technology companies to enter into the Chinese market by providing market studies and intelligence services, as well as local representative.

      And we also help Chinese and international nano enterprises, developers and researchers to share their technologies by transferring their know-how among them.

      Our last activities in the nano-science is the research on nano-fluidics ¨C fundamental theory and applications.

      If you¡¯re interested in the above services, please don¡¯t hesitate to contact me, and one of our staff will take care of all of your needs.

      Sincerely yours,

      Chen Minghua

      Master of Science from Tongji University, Shanghai, China, Majoring in Thermophysics
      PhD Candidate of Harvard University etc
      (English, French, German, Russian, Chinese and some Greek and Hebrew)

      Division Nano Technologies
      China Strategy Ltd.
      Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou (Canton), Beijing (Peking)
      Tel.: 0086-571-8169-1576
      Fax: 8717-0240
      Email: minghua.chen888@...
      Website: http://chinastrategy.voila.net/html/nanoscience.htm
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