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Call for Papers on "Hydro-ecological and Eco-environmental Frequency Analysis an

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  • saeid4040
    Dear Colleagues, Special issue of International Journal of Ecology and Development (IJED) will be on Hydro-ecological and Eco-environmental Frequency
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2009
      Dear Colleagues,

      Special issue of "International Journal of Ecology and Development"
      (IJED) will be on "Hydro-ecological and Eco-environmental Frequency
      Analysis" (EEFA). Original research papers or reviews are invited in
      the following and related areas. Please kindly circulate this to your
      interested friends and colleagues:

      -Flood, Low Flow, Rainfall, and Wind Frequency Analysis
      - L-moments
      -Application of Copula in Environmental Science and Engineering
      -Theoretical Developments of Copula
      -Regionalization in Ecology and Environment
      -Hazard Analysis and Modeling
      -River Quality Frequency Modeling
      -Frequency Analysis of Pollutions
      -Sustainable Development and Frequency Analysis
      - Frequency Analysis in Arid Zones
      -Statistical Models in Economics and Ecology
      -Environmental Stochastic Models
      -River Statistics and Classification
      -Economics and Copula
      -Health Risk Assessment
      -Flood and Drought Risk Modeling
      -Hydrological and Hydro-ecological Analysis of Low Flows
      -Arctic Frequency Analysis
      -Case Studies

      Important Dates:

      Deadline for Full Paper Submission: 20 November 2009
      First Round of Paper Review Notification: 20 March 2010
      Second Round of Paper Review Notification: 20 May 2010
      Paper Acceptance: 20 July 2010

      Provide the manuscripts in MS Word format using the following guide:
      Submission Address:
      Prof. Saeid Eslamian
      Guest Editor in Chief

      International Journal of Ecology and Development


      Best Wishes
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