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RE : [nanotech] First Lego League

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  • Nanotech (RLacas)
    I suggest to talk about «electric car» where nanotechnology will play an important role in batteries or (even better) in ultracapacitors. Have a look on :
    Message 1 of 4 , Oct 5, 2006
      I suggest to talk about «electric car» where nanotechnology will play an
      important role in batteries or (even better) in ultracapacitors. Have a
      look on :

      By the way, Lego has raised the topic's level very high for such young
      students. As a father of 5 children, I have to congratulate you for having
      accepted this challenge ;-)

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      I suggest making solar cells with nanotitanium using the kits from solideas:
      Link below:

      http://www.solideas <http://www.solideas.com/> .com/

      or you could do a search on self assembly, of which there are actually
      activities based on using Legos, believe it or not!

      I think the solar cells are the easiest for K12 students. Take my word for

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      I recently joined this group hoping to get some ideas about
      nanotechnology. I am not a science person. But I am one of the new
      coaches of a First Lego League team. Here's a link for more
      information about FLL:

      http://www.firstleg <http://www.firstleg
      <http://www.firstlegoleague.org/us/> oleague.org/us/> oleague.org/us/

      Our team is made up of eight 10 to 14 year olds with about five
      parent/coaches who are neither teachers nor scientists. Until my
      child expressed an interest in competing in this year's First Lego
      League Challenge, I didn't even know nanotechonolgy existed . None
      of the other coaches have any nanotechnology experience either.

      One aspect of the challenge is a research project and
      presentation on nanotechnology. Here are the guidelines:

      "Choose a current or potential application of nanotechnology,
      Explore this area and discover what scientists are currently learning
      about it. Find out what challenges they need to solve to improve
      upon existing technologies, or offer brand new ideas to make a
      potential application a reality. Be sure to focus your project on
      one improvement or solution.

      Design a solution to improve an existing nanotechnology or
      choose a potential application that has a challenge and design a
      solution to make it a reality. As you design your solution, think
      about these questions:

      1. What would its purpose be?
      2. What problem would it solve?
      3. What would it look like?
      4. How would it work?
      5. How would it affect the world around you?

      Combine your research and your solution into a creative
      presentation for your community and the judges at your tournament.
      Its length should be no more than five minutes, including setup time."

      So, my question to the group is: Does anyone have any
      suggestions about a current or potential application of
      nanotechnology that a group of kids can research and formulate into a
      five minute presentation?

      Thank you.

      Karen in East TN

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