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Call for Papers in NanoTrends : A Journal of Nanotechnology and its applications

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    CALL FOR PAPERS Invites Research and Review Articles NanoTrends attract scholarly contributions that fall under the broad tag of nanoscale science and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2006

      Invites Research and Review Articles

      NanoTrends attract scholarly contributions that fall under the broad tag
      of nanoscale science and technology. The coverage in general encompasses
      synthesis, characterization, studying properties, processing,
      fabrication and applications of the nanomaterials in the fields of
      electronics, medicine, healthcare, energy, biotechnology and
      environmental studies.


      · Rapid online publication of papers, soon after their formal
      acceptance/ finalization.

      · Promotional support to papers of specific interest on our
      web site www.nstc.in <http://www.nstc.in/>

      · Online Submission of Manuscripts.

      · Provides an online three tier stringent but smooth peer
      review process, with a highly acclaimed editorial board.

      · Free online access to the abstracts of all articles.

      · Facilitates linking with the other authors or

      · Worldwide circulation and visibility

      The Journal covers following areas and topics but is not limited to:

      Specific domains encompass:

      · Characterization techniques of Nanomaterials

      · Coupling of Properties at the Nanoscale

      · Films, Membranes, & Coatings

      · Nanoceramics, Metals & Alloys

      · Nanocomposites

      · Nanoparticles, Nanocrystals, Colloids, Sols

      · Nanoporous materials

      · Nanotubes, Nanowires, Nanofibers, Nanorods, & Nanobelts

      · Properties effected by Nanoscale Dimensions

      · Self-assemblies & directed assemblies

      Domains of Nanomaterials engineering & applications encompass:

      * Biomedical, Medicinal, Cosmetics & Drug development *
      Catalysis, Gas/ Liquid Separations & Membrane reactors * Chemical,
      Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical * Conversion of Energy & Storage
      Devices/ Systems namely Fuel Cells & Solar Cells * Electrical,
      Electronics, Photonics & Magnetics, Telecommunications & Computational
      Studies * Food, Textile, Environmental, Construction, *
      Transportation Nanomachines, Machine tools, Automobiles *

      Above are the representatives lists of subject areas, NanoTrends in
      practice may accept other subject areas that fall under the defined
      broad scope and are consistence with the precise nano meter scale.

      Information on every area of interests to the contributors is provided
      at one place under the head `Authors' Corner', by following
      the route, Publications-> NanoTrends Journal-> Authors' Corner in
      our website www.nstc.in <http://www.nstc.in/> .

      Online manuscript submission may be done by following simple and self
      explanatory steps in the link'
      <http://www.nstc.in/Journal/SubmitArticle.aspx> , Full manuscript must
      be sent to The NanoTrends through email nanotrends@...

      Our contact details:

      Publication Management Team – `NanoTrends' Journal
      Nano Science and Technology Consortium
      C-56, A/ 28, Sector-62, Noida, U.P., India, Pin- 201301

      Telephones: 0120 – 2404690, 4330376

      Website: www.nstc.in <http://www.nstc.in/>

      E-mail: nanotrends@... <mailto:nanotrends@...>

      Special privilege to Authors: All authors whose papers are published in
      the `NanoTrends' are entitled to one year free online

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