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Radical Change in Water Markets 2005 /Conference in New York 17. Dec. 04 and Beijing 28. Dec. 04

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    Conference invitation: New York 17. Dec. 04 and Beijing 28. Dec. 04, London 26. Jan. 05, Tokyo 03. Mar. 05, Hongkong 09. Mar. 05 Water markets worldwide
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      Conference invitation: New York 17. Dec. 04 and Beijing 28. Dec. 04, London 26. Jan. 05, Tokyo 03. Mar. 05, Hongkong 09. Mar. 05

      Water markets worldwide business briefing conference 2005

      The world markets for water and wastewater are growing at high speed. The market volume is expected to increase from 287.0 Bn. US$ in 2004 to 412.4 Bn. US$ by 2010. The biggest investment and fastest development come from China and Southeast Asian Countries, where the quantity and quality of water treatment cannot follow the pace of the economic boom.

      In China, Southeast Asian and East European countries, there is large flexibility for water pricing. The privatisation process is running fast there as well, for the water markets there are immature and demand restructure. Yet, pricing and privatisation are also the main influential factors in industrial countries. The private water management is expected to double its market share up to 2010.

      The highest growth rate comes from the sector of mineral and bottled water, because there are problems in the public drinking water supply like low quality and serious shortage in some regions. Meanwhile high investment and relatively fast growth are expected in the sector of public drinking water supply as well. The problems are not only in the developing countries, but also in industrial countries. Situation of wastewater treatment worldwide are only slightly improved during last years. There are big chances and challenges with the factors such as population development, urbanization and new treatment technology like nanotechnology.

      Helmut Kaiser, for over 20 years a leading researcher and strategist for companies and ministries in water markets worldwide will give a business briefing for 2005. Audience invited are all companies, ministries and media/press. The briefing presentation will take 6 hours from 10 am to 4 pm. There are limited places free for the media and ministries. The cost for the participation and briefing documents, about 200 pages, is 595 Euro or equivalent currency in Dollar or RMB.

      Contents of the presentation and documents

      1. World markets for water and wastewater treatment 2004, development through 2005, 2006 up to 2010 by regions/countries, by sectors and by technologies;

      2. World markets for bottled water markets 2004-2010 by regions and by sectors;

      3. World markets for disinfection in water treatment 2004-2010 by sectors and by regions

      4. World markets for membrane technologies in water treatment 2004-2010 by technologies and by regions;

      5. World markets for water desalination 2004-2010 by technologies, sectors and regions:

      6. World markets for pumps and pumping station 2004-2010 by sizes, technologies and regions;

      7. The key technologies 2004 and developments expected, new technologies...

      8. Impact of nanotechnology on water treatment markets and technologies 2004 and development up to 2010 and 2015;

      9. Trends of water pricing in different regions/countries and sectors;

      10. Privatisation process in different regions/countries;

      11. The value chain of water industry 2004 and development and the best practice

      strategy to make profit over 15 percent

      12. Competition, leading companies by segments and regions and the Portfolio...

      13. Special focus on China and the developments in China from 2004, 2005 and to 2010

      14. Licencing, Joint venture, M&A, Partner and distribution

      15. Strategies for global and local marketing and marketing to target groups globally

      16: New: water and the convergence with other technologies

      Table of contents for the latest study which is the basic:


      or http://www.geocities.com/waterchn2029

      How to register for this conference:

      just send a email or fax with the number of people you want to attend.

      the first person is 595 Euro or equivalent in Dollar or RMB and the second and all others 150 Euro, including conference documentation. You are free to place one page in the documents with your company. we will distribute this in all 2005.

      The participation can be prepayed with a discount of 10 percent or payed in cash ( only ) at the conference ..we will send you the bank-account and the locations..for the conference...

      Responsible for this:

      Helmut Kaiser consultancy, hkc22.com, Sigwartstr 20, 72076 Tuebingen, Germany;

      fax 0049 7071 68086 and the telefon 0049 7071 67001 and email


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