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Re: [nanotech] Re: Gagnon Interview, Public Accessibility, and NT Industry Growth

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  • Mark Gubrud
    ... Wow, Tim, that s really funny, coming from a shark with gleaming teeth. ... We are not the Borg. ... Anybody wants to defend this faker, let them write in
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 30, 2004
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      tventura6 wrote:
      > Wow, Mark -- that's really vicious.

      Wow, Tim, that's really funny, coming from a shark with gleaming teeth.

      > Maybe I will pull my email address from the group because your
      > personal attacks and unwarranted criticisms make it impossible to
      > conduct a civilized discussion of issues.
      > You know, when I worked at AT&T Wireless I managed a 400 person
      > department, and I can't ever remember going to a professional
      > meeting that allowed your type of conduct.

      We are not the Borg.

      > In fact, what worse are the emails that I am getting from your
      > fellow group members, apologizing (again) for your comments and
      > behaviour.

      Anybody wants to defend this faker, let them write in here.

      > Just for your information, despite the 2 million visitors I've had,
      > I don't make a profit from the AAG website. It's open-source

      Thirty bucks for a CD plus $5 S&H, advertised it seems on every page of
      your site, is a good little business. I don't know how else you're
      making money, although I note you link to a lot of other sites that are
      also selling things. I don't really care.

      > technology, which is something that I know you don't support as
      > you've spent the last decade leaching off public University
      > financing for your degree.

      I don't know how you think you know anything personal about me.
      At least I'm don't make money selling snake oil on the internet.

      > How's this for a thought: after you finish writing a reply to
      > newsgroup and slander me a bit more, maybe you could follow up with
      > hate-mail filled with swearing to my personal email account?

      Nah, that wouldn't be fun.

      > The only reason that I suggest this is because its your modus-
      > operandi -- in fact, maybe I could reprint some of those emails
      > online that you sent back in 2002?

      Tim, your website is full of fakery. Like, for example, Mr. Hutchison,
      who produced some nice videos I have a copy of, showing "antigravity
      experiments" where objects fall up. They all look just like bad sci-fi
      special effects. In one you can actually see the wires. But my fave
      is the one with the melting ice cream. Hutchison built a little room,
      with a dish of ice cream fixed to a table, fixed the camera to the
      room, and turned the whole thing upside down. It's provable fraud.
      But it's too obviously stupid and penny-ante to be worth pursuing.

      So don't try to threaten me. If I got impatient and used profanity at
      you, I still stand behind everything I said. You are a con man.

      > You've done something very bad by turning the newsgroup into a
      > fearful place, where the only conversation are tentative questions
      > about NT jobs because the group members are afraid to discuss
      > anything else.

      Laughing out loud, goodbye, Tim.
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