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Scientific Advisory Board

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  • Michael McDonald
    Greetings: Michael McDonald aka CaptNano , a colleague of yours, is a member of The Science Advisory Board and thought that you would also be interested in
    Message 1 of 2 , May 6, 2003

      Michael McDonald aka "CaptNano", a colleague of yours, is a
      member of The Science Advisory Board and thought that you would also be
      interested in becoming a member.

      I invite you to explore our Website at http://www.scienceboard.net. If you
      decide to become a member of The Science Advisory Board, you may register
      by following the links to the registration page, or going to the URL,
      http://www.scienceboard.net/register/. Please enter "captnano" (without
      quotes) when prompted for the "Referrer's Screen Name" at the end of the
      registration process, so that your colleague can get credit for referring
      you to the board.

      The Board is an independent, worldwide panel of over 8,000 life science
      and medical professionals that convenes electronically to voice their
      opinions on a wide range of topics. As you are probably aware,
      manufacturers in the medical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries
      rely on the input of end-users, such as yourself, to design more effective
      products, equipment and instruments. They also seek to better understand
      your needs as they relate to training, support and service.

      Individually, it is often difficult to encourage a manufacturer to act on
      your comments and opinions -- whether it is for a more capable instrument,
      a more sensitive kit, faster delivery, or more responsive technical
      support. It is far easier, however, to influence a manufacturer's actions
      when end-users join together in a forum such as The Science Advisory
      Board. When expressed collectively, the opinions of end-users become a
      factor too important to ignore, and manufacturers place real value on this
      information. This is why so many companies ask that their questions be
      made available to the professionals who comprise the Research and Clinical
      panels of our Board.

      As a member of the Board, you will have the opportunity to participate in
      online studies and focus groups that directly relate to your individual
      background and expertise. Most studies take less than 10 minutes to
      complete, and your participation in any given study or online event is
      entirely voluntary. We know your time is valuable; therefore, you will
      receive "View Points" for each survey you complete. View Points can be
      redeemed at any time for the high-value items and gifts contained in an
      online catalog. For special projects, additional compensation will be made
      in the form of an hourly consulting fee or cash prizes.

      You will be notified by email when an appropriate study has begun. Your
      participation and responses will always be held in the strictest
      confidence, with no third party ever having access to your personal
      information. Your opinions are vitally important to the development of new
      technologies and procedures for both biological research and clinical

      If you have any questions, I may be contacted at m.scott@....
      I hope that you register for The Science Advisory Board today, and become
      a part of this important group!

      Molly Scott

      Membership Coordinator
      The Science Advisory Board
      "Expert Insights from Gene to Drug"
    • bbdp4sha
      Since this person posted on our forum, it is appropriate that I post my response to her here. I was about to sign up for the Science Advisory Board (SAB)when I
      Message 2 of 2 , May 7, 2003
        Since this person posted on our forum,
        it is appropriate that I post my response to her here.
        I was about to sign up for the Science Advisory Board (SAB)when I saw
        this paragraph (in quotes):

        "The Science Advisory Board welcomes new applications for membership!
        To be eligible for membership, you must be employed full-time in an
        organization engaged in any aspect of life science research or
        clinical care. Applications from full-time graduate students and post-
        doctoral fellows are also welcome, however, undergraduate students
        will not be accepted to the Board at this time."

        Clearly, the SAB is NOT independent. They are not interested in
        hearing everyone's opinions. They only want opinions from those
        who are lucky enough to have a job.

        Furthermore, I looked at their "discussion" board. It is clearly
        a closed-minded, biased group. In spite of this poster's claims
        that the SAB is interested in hearing different viewpoints,
        the heading on their discussion board says: "Criticize government
        regulation." Well, perhaps many people STRONGLY SUPPORT government
        laws against experimenting and confining of birds and mammals. Many
        scientists wish to break into nanotechnology PRECISELY for the
        purpose of not experimenting on animals.

        I have no reason to unjustly discriminate, for instance, against
        genetic or nanotechnological engineering of animals or humans over
        other forms of experimentation. After all, anyone who gives birth
        to a child is "playing god". I am all in favor of creating
        nanotechnologically engineered meat, for instance, so we do not have
        to slaughter any animals. However, if the stated purpose of the SAB
        is promote discussions, then they should allow into their forums
        those who support government laws against genetic and nanotechnology
        -- even if I disagree with some of them.
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