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Re: [nanotech] Parade Article

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  • biodun olusesi
    Two issues are raised here: 1. The publicity given to Mr Crichton s work in this forum 2. His highlighting the dark side of nanotechnology. I think that as a
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 28, 2002
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      Two issues are raised here:

      1. The publicity given to Mr Crichton's work in this forum

      2. His highlighting the 'dark side' of nanotechnology.

      I think that as a writer of fiction, he is entitled to exercise his imaginative skills. I do agree though that we need a balanced view from commentators at this forum. But then, maybe Mr Crichton is out to provoke a debate!

      In that sense I personally have no objection to anyone publicising his work, either here, or in any other forum


       j.lark@... wrote:

      The article in Parade by Michael Crichton was a well publicized addition to the
      knowledge of the nanotech field.  Unfortunately, knowledge was not the point of
      the article.  The potential of every discovery of our efforts going to the dark
      side of our nature was certainly emphasized.
      A question for Mr. Crichton.  Was there any effort to examine the effects of
      nanotechnology in the more mundane aspects of our economy?  The aspects that
      keep people employed.  Currently, a form of this technology is being employed
      to improve efficiencies in the area of fabric formation in the USA textile
      industry.  Lower costs, higher quality product, lower effects on the
      environment, etc., have been demonstrated.  Were these aspects even considered
      in any "research" of the topic?
      If the dark side of what we have been trying to achieve is the point, why
      bother?  The overwhelming majority of our group would not subscribe to this
      very limited philosophy.

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