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Passing along: White Paper Helps Define Nascent Industry

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  • David Orban
    ... Nanotechnology White Paper Helps Define Nascent Industry CMP-Cientifica, in conjunction with nABACUS, Niehaus Ryan Wong and Scott Mize plan Nanotech
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 5, 2001
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      Here's the Press Release from a friend:


      Nanotechnology White Paper Helps Define Nascent Industry
      CMP-Cientifica, in conjunction with nABACUS, Niehaus Ryan Wong and
      Mize plan
      Nanotech Opportunity Report™ in January 2002

      SAN FRANCISCO, CA and MADRID, SPAIN, Nov. 5, 2001 – CMP-Cientifica, a
      European-based publisher and provider of integrated solutions for
      nanotechnology; nABACUS, the Asia Pacific region's leading
      consultancy and investment house; Niehaus Ryan Wong (NRW), a leading
      tech public relations agency; and Scott Mize a nanotechnology
      and advisor, announced today the publication of the first global
      nanotechnology white paper – "Nanotech – The Tiny Revolution,"
      free of charge from www.cmp-cientifica.com (Europe), www.nabacus.com
      or www.nrwpr.com (North America).

      "`The Tiny Revolution' provides a general overview of a market that is
      receiving major attention but is not widely understood," said Tim
      CEO of CMP-Cientifica. "Investors and laymen around the world want to
      understand this highly technical industry, and this white paper will
      them get started. If they're seriously interested, they'll want to
      invest in
      our follow-on report. Our mission with the white paper is to help
      interested in nanotechnology better understand an industry that has
      potential to revolutionize literally every aspect of our lives."

      "NRW's interest in nanotechnology goes back to the late 1980's. Our
      likes to be at the forefront of the information and computing
      as we have for the last decade," stated Ed Niehaus, President and CEO
      NRW. "I've seen first hand the inconsistencies in how the press
      nanotechnology today. I believe this white paper will help ensure
      that this
      new industry doesn't die of misinformation or hype."

      Dr. Jurgen Schulte, CEO of nABACUS, added, "Nanotechnology is a global
      technological revolution, and needs to be viewed on a global scale."

      "Over the past couple of years there has been a growing wave of
      from the business and investment community in nanotechnology, and many
      questions about where the real opportunities are," explained
      Mize. "The
      goal of the white paper is to answer many of these top-level
      questions, and
      provide a good summary of what is being commercialized now. We have
      focused on providing information that will help investors, executives
      entrepreneurs and technologists understand the business opportunities
      this space."

      The white paper is a preview of what will be covered in the
      Opportunity Report™. The Nanotechnology Opportunity Report will
      provide a
      thorough analysis of the overall nanotechnology market and of the key
      technologies coming to market now and in the near future. It will
      include an extensive guide to the public and private companies,
      academic institutions, and government entities that are involved in
      near-term applications of the technology worldwide. Analysis will be
      provided on both markets & technologies. The Nanotechnology
      Report™ will be available for purchase in January 2002 at a cost of
      There is a pre-publication discount price of $1695 for orders placed
      November 30, 2001. Orders are being taken by calling +34 91 640 7440
      faxing +34 91 640 71 86 in Europe or email NOR@....
      In the
      U.S. you can place an order by calling 650-827-7080.

      About CMP

      CMP Científica is Europe's first integrated solutions provider for the
      Global Nanotechnology Community, specializing in providing
      · Nanotechnology information to the scientific and financial
      · Linking science & industry through networks of excellence and
      · Providing expert solutions for high technology and advanced
      manufacturing companies
      · Venture Capital funding for nanotechnology startups

      About NRW

      NRW was the first public relations agency to identify the Internet as
      marketplace – building early Internet brands such as Internet-In-A
      Virtual Vineyards, Women's Wire, Spry, Spyglass and THE WELL.
      Following its
      early market entry, NRW launched and built many of today's technology
      industry icons such as Yahoo! and Apple iMac.

      Touted by Fast Company as "one of the hottest, independent public
      agencies," NRW continues to innovate the frontiers of communications,
      marketing and brand development through its representation of industry
      leaders such as Interwoven, Cognos and DigitalThink. NRW helps
      companies articulate their vision, position and voice in a crowded and
      competitive marketplace through its special trademarked service, the
      Architecture of Identity™.

      The agency is organized around strategic markets that represent the
      leading-edge of consumer and business technology innovation,
      People & Technology, Financial Services, Interactive Marketing,
      eMarketplaces, eBusiness Strategies, and Global Networks. Being
      market-focused, NRW teams are known for their comprehensive
      understanding of
      clients' business and their deep relationships with key influencers.
      As a
      full-service public relations and e-marketing firm, NRW provides an
      integrated suite of services, including: Strategy Development,
      Intelligence, Media & Analyst Relations, Conference Strategies, and
      Interactive Services.

      About nABACUS

      nAbacus seeks to become the trusted leader in Nanotechnology
      consulting and
      a substantial investment house in the Asia Pacific and beyond. We aim
      deliver unmatched high quality consulting with utmost integrity to
      governments and industries, to create value for our shareholders,
      and affiliates, and to stay at the forefront of new emerging
      We also aim to build a portfolio of strategic investments and assist
      investors in their identification, management and exit from

      About Scott Mize (www.scottmize.com)

      Scott is the President & CEO of an early stage company focused on
      commercializing a breakthrough nano-imaging device. He is an
      advisor and speaker in the field of high technology. Scott has 20
      years of
      experience in the information technology and interactive media
      including serving as the CEO of Zelos!, an evangelist at Apple
      Computers and
      a product manager at Lotus Development. He has been tracking the
      development of the nanotechnology field for over 15 years. Scott is
      Chairman of the Advisory Board for the Nanotechnology Opportunity

      Aaron Heinrich
      Niehaus Ryan Wong

      Tim Harper - CEO
      +34 91 640 71 85

      Carl Masens - CIO
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