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We need someone for Nano Investor Conference.

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  • Jonathan Després
    We need someone for Nano Investor Conference. Hi Nano Fan, We need someone talented and available for the exiting Nano Investor Conference. It s a long term
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 23, 2001
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      We need someone for Nano Investor Conference.

      Hi Nano Fan,

      We need someone talented and available for the exiting Nano Investor
      Conference. It's a long term project and we are very exited about it!

      The person will work with the team.

      Nano Investor Conference is made possible by many volunteers, customers, and
      users who help to make nanotechnology a reality. We will advertise the
      conference everyday on our popular website: NanotechNews.com! :-)

      Our website is


      Calin Plesa my friend designed the website. The second step is to contact
      alot of nanotechnologists, investors and potential investors by phone and
      emails. We want to inform people about our conference and we believe it is
      important. All the helpers of this project will have the possibility to
      assist to the conference for free and we pay the ticket to go there for you
      plus all the expense for the hotel. You will have the opportunity to visit
      New York and to meet me, Calin and several other people, to learn on
      nanotechnology with the top leaders in the field.

      It's a non profit project, so there is no heck and we welcome your opinions,
      your critics etc..

      --Jonathan Despres

      819 377 5821 (Ask Jonathan, Monday - Sunday after 7:00PM!)
    • F. Modzelewski
      SMALL TALKS PANEL STILL ON FOR OCTOBER 3, 2001 in New York City Panel Also Welcomes Rick Snyder of Ardesta to its Ranks New York, NY, Sept. 23, 2001 – In
      Message 2 of 2 , Sep 24, 2001
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        in New York City
        Panel Also Welcomes Rick Snyder of Ardesta to its

        New York, NY, Sept. 23, 2001 � In response to the
        urging of Mayor Giuliani for New Yorkers to get back
        to their normal lives after the tragic events of
        September 11th and push forward with making a new
        tomorrow, The NanoBusiness Alliance and Courtney
        Pulitzer Creations announces that the first seminar
        series for the nanotechnology field -- Small Talks �
        will still launch on October 3, 2001.

        The Small Talks series will shine the spotlight on the
        emerging �business� of nanotechnology, and will focus
        on bringing together researchers, entrepreneurs,
        venture capitalists, policy makers, journalists and
        the public at large. The October 3, 2001 Small Talks
        event will take place at TechSpace, 41 East 11th St.
        (between University Place & Broadway), in New York
        City starting at 6:30 pm.

        In another major development, Rick Snyder, CEO of
        Ardesta has agreed to join the Small Talks panel.
        Located in Ann Arbor, Mich., Ardesta is the leading
        industry accelerator dedicated to the development of
        microsystems and other small technologies. The company
        invests in start-ups and early stage companies;
        provides business and technical resources to support
        these companies; and develops industry-building
        resources. The other companies in Ardesta's family
        include Sensicore, Translume and HandyLab of Ann
        Arbor, Mich.; Ion Optics of Waltham, Mass.; Micronics
        of Redmond, Wash.; and Sarcon Microsystems of
        Knoxville, Tenn. Before helping to launch Ardesta,
        Rick was president and COO of Gateway, Inc., where he
        oversaw all company operations and helped to drive the
        strategic direction of the company.

        �We're going to go for it still on Oct. 3. I think we
        have to,� said F. Mark Modzelewski of the NanoBusiness
        Alliance. He added, �While it�s important to grieve --
        and we must continue to grieve; and it�s important to
        seek justice -- and we will see justice done; we must
        get to work. We must strive to regain our lives and
        our control. We must continue to dream about a future
        � a great and beautiful future for our families, our
        loved ones, and our nation. We can�t let anyone scare
        us or take those dreams away from us.�

        �New Yorkers and Americans are still in a state of
        shock. We are constantly reminded of the loss in our
        lives, city and nation by the smoky skyline and
        makeshift memorials. But it is very important to
        follow Mayor Guiliani and President Bush's encouraging
        words to get back to our lives,� said Courtney
        Pulitzer, founder of Courtney Pulitzer Creations. She
        added, �We cannot and will not be beaten and to carry
        on with a stronger sense of personal will and national
        identity is vitally important. We need to keep trying
        to build something new -- something great. We hope
        that the advancements that come from nanotechnology
        can be one part of this long-term rebuilding process.�

        The Small Talks panelists will dispel the myths about
        nanotechnology as a business and separate the science
        from the science fiction, pointing to where the
        opportunity lies over the next few months and the next
        few years. In addition to Rick Snyder, the first Small
        Talks panel includes some of the true business
        visionaries of the nanotechnology sector: Josh Wolfe,
        managing partner of Lux Capital; Jason Friedman,
        nanotechnology associate for JP Morgan Partners; Dr.
        Stephen Wilson, director of New York University�s
        Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology; and
        Eric Sun, founder of Nanocs. Stephen Crosby, managing
        editor of Small Times Magazine, will serve as

        Courtney Pulitzer Creations:
        Courtney Pulitzer Creations enriches technology
        professionals by fostering useful and positive idea
        exchange between the movers, shakers and thinkers in
        today�s emerging technology industries. The company is
        committed to connecting people from around the globe
        to learn about each other, share information, ideas
        and develop relationships meant to strengthen the
        newly wired world, economy and business via The Cyber
        Scene newsletter, Cocktails with Courtney events and
        the Morning Circle and Stardust Circle business
        panels. www.pulitzer.com

        About the NanoBusiness Alliance:
        The NanoBusiness Alliance will officially launch on
        Oct. 2, 2001 with offices in New York, NY. and
        Washington, DC. The NanoBusiness Alliance�s mission is
        to create a collective voice for the advancing
        nanotechnology industry and develop a range of
        initiatives to support the nanotechnology business
        community. Among the NanoBusiness Alliance�s goals
        are the development of research and education
        programs, public policy initiatives, public awareness
        campaigns, and industry support networks.
        www.nanobusiness.org (available in beta until launch
        Oct. 2, 2001)

        NanoBusiness Alliance
        (845) 247-8920

        Courtney Pulitzer Creations

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