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6870WORLDCOMP Strikes Again for the Last Time

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  • Charles David
    Mar 13, 2013
      I graduated
      from University of Florida (UFL) and am currently running a computer firm in Florida. I have attended
      WORLDCOMP  http://www.world-academy-of-science.org  in 2010. Except for few keynote speeches and
      presentations, the conference was very disappointing due to a large number of
      poor quality papers and cancellation of some sessions. I was instantly
      suspicious of this conference.

      Me and my
      UFL and UGA friends started a study on WORLDCOMP. We submitted a paper to WORLDCOMP
      2011 and again (the same paper with a modified title) to WORLDCOMP 2012. This
      paper had numerous fundamental mistakes. Sample statements from that paper
      (1). Binary
      logic is fuzzy logic and vice versa
      (2). Pascal
      developed fuzzy logic
      (3). Object
      oriented languages do not exhibit any polymorphism or inheritance
      (4). TCP and
      IP are synonyms and are part of OSI model
      (5). Distributed
      systems deal with only one computer
      Laptop is an example for a super computer
      Operating system is an example for computer hardware

      Also, our
      paper did not express any conceptual meaning.  However, it was accepted both the times
      without any modifications (and without any reviews) and we were invited to submit
      the final paper and a payment of $500+ fee to present the paper. We decided to
      use the fee for better purposes than making Prof. Hamid Arabnia (Chairman of
      WORLDCOMP) rich. After that, we received few reminders from WORLDCOMP to pay
      the fee but we never responded.

      We MUST say
      that you should look at the website  http://sites.google.com/site/worlddump1   if you have any thoughts to submit a paper to
      WORLDCOMP.  DBLP and other indexing
      agencies have stopped indexing WORLDCOMP’s proceedings since 2011 due to its

      The status
      of your WORLDCOMP papers can be changed from “scientific” to “other” (i.e.,
      junk or non-technical) at anytime. See the comments http://www.mail-archive.com/tccc@.../msg05168.html of a respected researcher on this. Better not
      to have a paper than having it in WORLDCOMP and spoil the resume and peace of
      mind forever!

      Our study
      revealed that WORLDCOMP is a money making business, using UGA mask, for Prof.
      Hamid Arabnia. He is throwing out a small chunk of that money (around 20
      dollars per paper published in WORLDCOMP’s proceedings) to his puppet who
      publicizes WORLDCOMP and also defends it at various forums, using
      fake/anonymous names. The puppet uses fake names and defames other
      conferences/people to divert traffic to WORLDCOMP. That is, the puppet does all
      his best to get a maximum number of papers published at WORLDCOMP to get more
      money into his (and Prof. Hamid Arabnia’s) pockets.

      Monte CarloResort (the venue of WORLDCOMP until 2012) has refused to provide the venue for
      WORLDCOMP’13 because of the fears of their image being tarnished due to
      WORLDCOMP’s fraudulent activities.

      will not be held after 2013.

      The paper
      submission deadline for WORLDCOMP’13 is March 18, 2013 (it will be extended
      many times, as usual) but still there are no committee members, no reviewers,
      and there is no conference Chairman. The only contact details available on
      WORLDCOMP’s website is just an email address!

      bothers us the most is that Prof. Hamid Arabnia never posted an apology for the
      damage he has done to the research community.  He is still trying to defend WORLDCOMP. Let us make a direct request to
      him: publish all reviews for all the papers (after blocking identifiable
      details) since 2000 conference. Reveal the names and affiliations of all the
      reviewers (for each year) and how many papers each reviewer had reviewed on
      average. We also request him to look at the Open Challenge at  http://sites.google.com/site/dumpconf

      We think
      that it is our professional obligation to spread this message to alert the
      computer science community. Sorry for posting to multiple lists. Spreading the
      word is the only way to stop this bogus conference. Please forward this message
      to other mailing lists and people.

      We are
      shocked with Prof. Hamid Arabnia and his puppet’s activities http://worldcomp-fake-bogus.blogspot.com  Search Google using the keywords “worldcomp,
      fake” for additional links.