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6179Re: [nanotech] nanoclays?

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  • earl@understandingnano.com
    Jun 2, 2007
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      A company called Nancor uses nanoclays dispersed in plastics to form a
      barrier to gases or improve fire resistance. A very mundane use is to
      produce lightweight bottles that resists leakage of carbon dioxide,
      therefore allowing bottles of soda to have a longer shelf life.

      Check on this webpage http://www.understandingnano.com/food.html for
      some more info and links to Nancor's website.


      Quoting electrocide <electrocide@...>:

      > was reading nanoclays will impact nano. i searched and did not find
      > much on it. is it that new. what will it have to offer? how will it be
      > used? thx much.
      > alex
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