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    Oct 1, 2006
      Hi James
      I would like to welcome you first.Im doing my
      masters degree in Nanoelectronics. Im not a EE,
      physicist or chemist .Im have done IT(information
      technology) in my under grad.Have adquate knowledge
      about sofware.But fancied nanotechnology ,pursing to
      do something new in the feild.As u have mentioned that
      you develop sofwares that moves .Can you tell what way
      a person from my back ground with masters in
      nanotechnolgy can link togather.Coz I have no idea as
      off now.You have developed software ,can u tell me
      more abt it.hoping to hear from you soon.


      --- james94041 <jimimper@...> wrote:

      > Hi all,
      > I know this group has a HUGE membership, and so many
      > posts. I didn't
      > know how to jump into a discussion, so I thought I'd
      > just introduce
      > myself.
      > My name is James, I live in Mountain View, CA. I've
      > worked for LSI
      > Logic for 17 years making chips smaller and smaller.
      > I'm an EE, not
      > a Chemist or a Physicist.
      > I really wanted to be a physicist. But I wanted to
      > build things too.
      > I realized that the software that I create and use
      > to move millions
      > of transistors, and the metal the connects them, and
      > then analyzing
      > what they might do under all conditions, is not
      > unlike the math and
      > algorithims that must need to be used in the
      > manufacture of
      > molecular machines.
      > Except.. The constraints are much tighter, and the
      > uncertainty is
      > much more predictable.
      > Well, anyways, hope to chat with some folks in this
      > group.
      > Thanks,
      > James

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