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  • james94041
    Sep 29, 2006
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      Hi all,

      I know this group has a HUGE membership, and so many posts. I didn't
      know how to jump into a discussion, so I thought I'd just introduce

      My name is James, I live in Mountain View, CA. I've worked for LSI
      Logic for 17 years making chips smaller and smaller. I'm an EE, not
      a Chemist or a Physicist.

      I really wanted to be a physicist. But I wanted to build things too.

      I realized that the software that I create and use to move millions
      of transistors, and the metal the connects them, and then analyzing
      what they might do under all conditions, is not unlike the math and
      algorithims that must need to be used in the manufacture of
      molecular machines.

      Except.. The constraints are much tighter, and the uncertainty is
      much more predictable.

      Well, anyways, hope to chat with some folks in this group.

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