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  • Dr. David Deal
    Sep 1, 2006
      The Journal of Materials Science Vol. 21, No. 8: Contains 4 articles
      relative to nanodentistry. Each article is available to nonmembers
      or nonsubscribers to the journal for $20(USD) each.

      1- L. Angker & M.V. Swain have developed a technique that will allow
      better understanding of the mechanical behavior of enamel, dentin
      and cementum at a nanoscale according to the abstract. Covers
      unique micro-structure of each calcified tissue & variations.
      Includes proportions of hydroxyapatite, organic material amd water
      in determination of mechanical properties of dental hard tissues.

      2- Michelle Dickinson & Adrian Mann contribute a technical work
      about thin protein-rich film formed by the absortion of saliva onto
      teeth. They used atomic force microscopy imaging and nanoscale
      mechanical measurements. They show unstained pellicle has a dense
      undulating morphology and show it is a surprisingly stiff
      vicoelastic solid.

      3- Weimin Yue & Ryan Roeder develop micromechanical model to predict
      elastic module of HA whisker reinforced polymer biocomposites.

      4- Rizhi Wang, Youxin Hu and Cathy Ng study the micorstructure and
      interfacial fracture at the cementum enamel junction in equine and
      bovine teeth. CEJ is a uniquely important interface that has major
      role in tranferring force from top of tooth to the jawbone. Details
      of technical data avialable for their findings. Of note they
      determined that equine teeth are 7 times tougher than bovine teeth.

      For the nanodentistry inquirers.