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  • Subramanya Mayya
    Mar 7, 2005
      Considering that it is not illegal to distribute the freely available material downloaded from the internet, I could send this file to whomsoever interested on request. The file size is 1.25MB.


      "T.S. XIa" <whyfox2002@...> wrote:

      Although the link does not work at this moment, it is nice to get informed, thanks.

      Subramanya Mayya <ksmayya@...> wrote:
      I would like to draw your attention to the following booklet for the definition of Nanotechnology
      www.europaeische-akademie-aw.de/ pages/publikationen/graue_reihe/35.pdf

      Definition of Nanotechnology is as described in this report..."fuzzy", although one frequently confuses miniaturization with nanotechnology.


      "T.S. XIa" <whyfox2002@...> wrote:

      Actually major semiconductor companies
      are working on the 65nm technology now, and technology has
      already reached the nano region, right? Otherwise what is
      the definition you guys give to the nanotechnology.

      intel007 <intel007@...> wrote:

      Hi Karthik,

      I couldnt stop myself from responding to the reply that you received
      for your query on ideas for a start up with focus on nanotechnology.

      Mr. Prasath is totally wrong, what is happening is that the exact
      opposite of what Mr. Prasath has declared. Big companies are
      skeptical about venturing into nanotechnology, so they are
      maintaining a low profile. Most of the companies are smaller
      startups started by a small group of people with good practical
      experience in the field of nanotechnology. You dont have to take my
      word for granted, just do a google search you will find that the
      business based on nanotechnology is mostly dominated by smaller

      Also, there is nothing that is "less expensive" when it comes to
      nanotechnology. I dont really think Mr. Prasath has a grasp on the
      concept of the business. Nanotech field is not like selling talcum
      powder to find the least expensive one in the market.

      Please dont be misguided by a ill informed graduate student. Do your
      home work, talk to investors that you might know or someone who
      knows someone who is an invester or runs a company similar to what
      you have been thinking about.

      Above all set your target area like "nanoelectronics" or sensors
      etc, then start your research, come up with a business plan. If you
      dont do your home work then you will only be visiting forums like
      this and will never see a company grow out of it.

      good luck...


      --- In nanotech@yahoogroups.com, karthik prabhu
      <karthikprabhum2004@y...> wrote:
      > Hi,
      > Thanks for your suggestion. I will look for those kind market.
      > If u get any details regarding this pls mail me.
      > * What r u doing ? r u working?
      > Thank u
      > ith regards,
      > M.Karthikprabhu.
      > PRASATH <mwprasath2000@y...> wrote:
      > HI Karthik
      > Its is very good plan but as for now i dont think
      > u have much options for that since the field is young
      > and only big manufactures are doing the job .I can
      > tell one thing if u wish to get into the market its
      > better to find out the less expensive nanoproduct that
      > has large comercial purpose .So that u can get the
      > products and deliver it to the market from the bigger
      > companies.Hope it helps you.
      > cheers
      > prasath
      > --- karthikprabhum2004
      > <karthikprabhum2004@y...> wrote:
      > ---------------------------------
      > Hi,
      > I am a sofware engineer.I am interested in
      > nanotechnology and
      > interested to start a small firm. So i want the
      > details regarding it such as the market condition and
      > area of
      > specification which is favorable for doing so.
      > * From where i can start?
      > yours friendly,
      > M.Karthikprabhu.

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