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4363New Synthetic Diamond as Possible Super Conductor

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  • pulsed_ignition
    Sep 1, 2004
      Where does one find new properties? Within new and never before known


      We have discovered a new process to create synthetic diamond powder.
      This powder is synthetic diamond doped with various metals not
      available with other synthetic diamond processes. This powder is a
      homogenous mix of materials and during SEM w/EDS the carbon & metal
      combinations are clearly shown by the spectrum.

      Now some have suggested that metal particles have triggered
      nucleation of carbon around the metal seed. This could be, except
      that under 1600X optical - no metal particles can be seen within the
      clear carbon, suggesting either extremely small metal particles - or
      atomic bonding within the tetrahedral diamond crystal lattice.

      Clear, colorless crystals have been separated with a magnet. This
      could be from extremely high hydrogenation or from iron within the

      We claim this material is new for several reasons. Primarily due to
      the first several reports. Not one of three labs had ever seen this
      material before, and there is nothing within the scientific
      literature for a powder having the same Raman Signature as Diamond
      Like Carbon (DLC). All known DLC is as a film over a substrate, not
      as nucleated materials, and not in combination with other elements.

      Once funding is secured, we can create single crystals using this
      unique powder and a High Temperature High Pressure press, or create
      thick films of each new type of doped DLC product. Testing for
      semiconductor and superconductor properties will then begin.

      Charles Evans in California said the material is a hydrogenated
      tetrahedral amorphous carbon and the material is a powder, not a
      film. Another lab has provided SEM w/EDS spectrum, TEM w/EELS, Xray
      defraction and other assorted testing. Now we need to discover best
      applications for these new materials.

      If nothing else, we intend to make Synthetic Diamonds for the Jewelry
      industry, and possibly sell them on the Home Shopping Network for
      faster investment returns.

      Where does one find new properties? Within new and never before known

      Best Regards,
      Chris Arnold President/CEO
      PlasmaKing Corporation
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