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3771Re: [nanotech] Quantum dot wire less logic

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  • Mark Gubrud
    Feb 1, 2004
      At least in the case of classical computing, where the physical state of
      the computer (continuous physical degrees of freedom, as opposed to a
      logical state) always has definite values, including during a state
      transition, the only requirement is that the energy barrier (energy of the
      transition state) be high enough to be inacessible by thermal or other
      noise, i.e. that there are no thermal or other sources of excitation large
      enough to supply the energy needed to reach the energy of the transition
      state from the bottoms of the energy wells defining each of the two
      logical states (1 and 0). Not only is there no particular reason why the
      1 and 0 states should be equal in energy, but obviously they almost never
      really are.

      > Beats me... :) but I don't think it's appropriate to use the term "lower
      > energy state" : in a computer system you need two different states to
      > implement binary logic, but it is vital these states are equally stable, and
      > that means they must have the same energy level.

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