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3567Re: On inloading, humanity, the soul and atheism

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  • Dave D.
    Oct 31, 2003
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      Hello everyone, interesting discussion...I'd like to interject a few

      As I read your posts it keeps occurring to me that in different ways you
      both seem to believe that there is something inherently different about life
      and machines...something that machines can never have (even Jean said
      "replacing human living cells by machinery is indeed replacing life with
      something inert.") It seems to me that humans ARE machines...biological and
      self-aware, but still machines. For it to be otherwise would require some
      metaphysical construct such as a soul which would in turn require an
      essentially religious belief. (At that point there's no point in arguing
      about it).

      So what you're talking about is upgrading or copying a machine. "inloading"
      a human is just a hard engineering problem (especially so since the machine
      is self-aware.) There could be problems if it turns out the human brain is
      somehow dependent on quantum effects and can't be copied (seems
      unlikely)...but slowly modified is a different story.

      All of these issues about whether a copy of your brain would still be "you"
      are interesting, but they don't say anything about whether it is possible to
      do. They are interesting social issues like those that crop up with any new
      technology (oh no, I copied my self-aware Microsoft Word document and they
      don't know which is the "real" one.)

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