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3277Re: [nanotech] NanoCar: Nanotechnology in the automotive industry 2003 to 2015, state and developments

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  • j.lark@att.net
    Aug 7, 2003
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      All Nanotypes:
      There has been a significant breakout in the extremely slow rush to accept
      alternate philosophies(sp?) and materials in commercial processes. The
      latest has been the development of the "Green Tire" in which carbon black has
      been replaced with an alternate "conventional micron size filler" in the
      tread of the tire. This has significantly reduced the rolling resistance.
      In terms of the USA measurements, this has improved miles per gallon by at
      least 10. This is now being recognized in those countries in which the price
      of gasoline is much higher than in the USA.
      Is this a consideration for the use of nanosize fillers?
      Jake Lark
      Small World Consulting

      > NanoCar is a global study with more then 25 car
      > manufacturer as a partner of the study and 70
      > manufacturers in total. the study analyse the change
      > of the automotive industry through nanotechnologies
      > and converging technologies..from the state 2003
      > to 2015. The Future Car will be intelligent.
      > for more see: http://www.hkc22.com/NanoCar.html
      > or ask here..
      > regards
      > helmut kaiser

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