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3196Re: [nanotech] economics, nanofacturing, and the social implications

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  • paulc@novusnow.com
    Jun 3, 2003
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      computer power is already displacing brainpower in economic roles,
      for example when architects and engineers use Autocad instead of hiring
      draftspeople, or when telephone operators are supplanted by
      voice-recognition and automated call-routing, etc. etc. etc...
      These jobs are hardly the creative types of work required of human brains.  According to your cynical outlook, soon computers will be running the world for....COMPUTERES!!!!...wake up and smell the humans
      You seem to have a rather bleak view of the future....certainly your concerns are not unjustified, and it is why groups like mine and others are springing up.....as for embracing technology, i see nothing wrong with that, especially if we are trying to embrace it to protect it from being horded by others....
      as for working "manual" labor, it is never an ideal situation....but if you don't have the intellectual skills your alternatives are to, well, starve.....and i do think it is a good thing to afford those who could not make it the same access to education for their children as those who could make it will be afforded....the alternative is to simply put them in reservations, as you say...
      what we need to sell is the notion that an underclass of those left behind is not healthy to the society as a whole, that it undermines security, commerce, etc.  In this context, let us hope that there are more people who see the benefit of "spreading the wealth", as it were, than those who do not....in my system, the community you belong to is a business of which everyone has a share in..and as such, you are entitled to dividend checks, another source of income for those who are reduced to manual labor......
      do we want robots?  just because we can make robots to design our homes and cars....do we want them?  do we want to make ourselves redundant?  whose interest would that serve?
      According to you, I should go tie myself to a railroad track now and get it over with...who wants to live in your world?  but then maybe your answer is to stop the spread of technology, to go back, something far more unrealistic than anything i've proposed
      Paul Collier
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