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3191Re: [nanotech] economics, nanofacturing, and the social implications

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  • Bellious Moon
    Jun 2, 2003
      --- paulc@... wrote:
      >As for capitalism being created for human need, I
      >concur, and I also concur that humans will not become
      >obsolete because, well, the stuff is really for
      >them...what is dangerous is that the few at the top,
      >if they can utilize patent cencorship and >other
      "capitalist" devices can preserve these >emerging
      technologies for themselves, make them so >expensive
      that only the few can afford to enjoy their >benefits.

      If it gets to the point where there's a huge disparity
      between the rich and poor because of technological
      advances, how about doing something similiar to what
      Alaska does with its oil companies? All of the people
      in a certain area could be "shareholders" of the
      corporations that reside there and would receive a
      portion of the corporation's profits, a dividend.
      Since economics pretty much just deals with the
      allocation of resources and capitalism deals best with
      scarcity I just wonder if capitalism can really exist
      in an age of true abundace. Something like
      Anarchosyndicalism might be a better type of system.

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