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2867Re: [nanotech] New Group Member - Tim Ventura

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  • Mark Gubrud
    Sep 2, 2002
      Nanotechnology has nothing to do with "antigravitational research."

      Nanotechnology is the manipulation of matter at the atomic/molecular
      scale. Advanced nanotechnology concepts include self-replicating
      nanorobotic assemblers, "eutactic" and "diamondoid" electronic and
      mechanical nanosystems, and molecular-level repair or restructuring
      of living tissue - concepts which are unproven, but not generally
      inconsistent with known physics or other scientific knowledge.

      In contrast, speculations about "electromagnetic/gravitational
      interactions" which could be exploited to create an "antigravity"
      technology are inconsistent with known physics and have no basis
      other than fantasy.

      > Tim Ventura wrote:

      > Currently, my projects are geared more towards Antigravity research,
      > and I built and maintain the American Antigravity website -- however,
      > I must concede that nanotech will absorb and surpass these
      > technologies, probably within the next 3 decades.
      > In terms of antigravitational research, the key at the moment is
      > determing the basis for electromagnetic/gravitational interactions --
      > once that is done, I can see nanotech becoming very useful in the
      > manufacturing process to decrease costs and embed micro-sized systems
      > into existing products.
      > One of the big benefits of Nanotech is its ability to shrink the size
      > of systems down to a large degree, and if and when we do find a
      > "perfect" method of gravitational control, Nanotech is probably going
      > to be the best way to incorporate that technology into existing
      > designs.
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