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  • Tim Ventura
    Sep 2, 2002
      Dear Nanogirl & Nanotech Newsgroups:
      I am a new member, although I've been interested in Gina's work for over 2 years now.....
      Currently, my projects are geared more towards Antigravity research, and I built and maintain the American Antigravity website -- however, I must  concede that nanotech will absorb and surpass these technologies, probably within the next 3 decades.
      In terms of antigravitational research, the key at the moment is determing the basis for electromagnetic/gravitational interactions -- once that is done, I can see nanotech becoming very useful in the manufacturing process to decrease costs and embed micro-sized systems into existing products.
      One of the big benefits of Nanotech is its ability to shrink the size of systems down to a large degree, and if and when we do find a "perfect" method of gravitational control, Nanotech is probably going to be the best way to incorporate that technology into existing designs.
      Once again, the success of Nanotech will show itself in how it can transform other industries into highly-efficient means of production -- a lot of people cite the computer industry as a prime candidate for this, but the computer industry is only the beginning.....
      Tim Ventura
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