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  • prabhu_31oct
    Dec 11, 2001
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      Hi all,

      I am a graduate student in the department of polymer
      engineering , University of Akron. I would like to work for an
      internship in summer 2002. My present field of research is "
      Conducting polymer , Carbon nanotube sensors and actuators " . This
      project focusses on the Electrochemistry of conducting polymers and
      carbon nanotubes , development of carbon nanotube sensors ( bio and
      mechanical sensors) , conducting polymer / carbon nanotube
      actuators .Our group will also focus on,

      1) synthesis and micro / nano pattering of conducting polymers and
      carbon nanotubes

      2)Nanocomposites of polymer and carbon nanotubes

      3)conducting polymer, carbon nanotube light emmiting diodes and
      photovoltaic cells

      4)Self-assembling and supra molecular structures of conducting
      polymers and carbon nanotubes

      We would like to have some initial funding .. Please
      mail me at prabhu_31oct@... , if these projects are of interest
      to anyone!


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