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1929Re: [nanotech] Re: can nanotech be introduced into our bodies?

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  • grimm@aol.com
    Jun 30 11:33 PM
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      I agree. This discussion is definitely went off track. The ideas we are all
      describing here come straight out of some religious, science fiction mix. On
      one hand we have the apocalyptic images we have to books like the bible, and
      the koran. Technology is bad and it will kill us all. Lets all run back to
      the woods. Every decade and every century, people have feared some sort of
      technology. This is no different. No matter what anyone does, this will be
      here and we will all use it. Then there is the science fiction aspect that we
      all get from movies like Terminator and the Matrix, where are own technology
      turned on us. The bottom line is that any technology will bring both good and
      bad. But the most important thing to understand that for thousands of years
      we controlled our progress and we will continue to do so. Anything we create
      we will control. Never will there be a time that our own technology will be
      smarter or better than us. Naturally, it will be used for both good and bad,
      just as nuclear technology was. We fear our missles, but without that
      splitting atom where would we be now. Our nuclear energy is on the verge of
      sustaining life on the planet. And if I am wrong and the end somehow comes
      from this, well then it was meant to be. Nature took its course because
      nature is all about life and death. Nothing stays alive forever.
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