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1774Re: [nanotech] FT Article

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  • eugene.leitl@lrz.uni-muenchen.de
    May 1 6:16 PM
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      Chris Phoenix wrote:
      > My disappointment was not an act. I really don't like to see someone
      > smeared and denied credit for a massive amount of work.

      I do not like it, either. Yet it happens all the time. So one
      better get used to it.

      > Yes, it is good that they are treating nanotech as a real technology.

      I no longer have any clear idea what the best course of action is.
      I guess "let's stop the more obvous holes, and otherwise full
      speed ahead" is the best approximation of what is going on now.

      > I'm not so sure it's good that they're denying gray goo. Those who
      > already fear it will not be comforted by "It was dreamed up by someone
      > who is insufficiently scientific." Those who think it's impossible
      > should probably get a little better educated. So I don't think brushing
      > it off with a cheap ad hominem attack or two will do any good at all.

      It is Press. By definition, whatever it says, it ought to be ignored.
      I very much doubt it defines the policy.
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