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  • Andrew
    Jan 31, 2001
      It's the law eh?  Well then there are some people who should be brought up on charges and thrown into jail because they've broken that law.  Last summer a group of scientists, in Chicago I think, managed to accelerate a light particle faster than the speed of light.  The end result was that the particle was leaving the test chamber before it had finished entering it.  Check back four months ago in the nanotech archives.  We were talking about it for a while.  Personally I was quite amused at all the physicist who were craping their metaphorical pants at the implications of this experiment.

      eugene.leitl@...-muenchen.de wrote:

      Bruce Bombere wrote:
      > Magnet tunnel junctions!
      >  So, FTL computing is in the works.

      You can't signal faster than speed of light in a vacuum.
      It's not just a good idea, it's the law. So, how does FTL
      come into picture? Why FTL, and not, say, aliens? Or banana

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