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1640maccines vs. miruses

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  • Mark Gubrud
    Jan 4, 2001
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      On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, J. R. Molloy wrote:

      > Possible insight: Brains infected with malicious memes should be excluded
      > from uninfected populations to prevent a pandemic. Until someone develops
      > a vaccine for the theology meme, those who are not immune (children,
      > feeble-minded) deserve a theology meme-free zone.

      Do you really think that a single religious person would be able to infect
      an unmaccinated population of atheists with the mirus of faith?

      It seems to me that religion is deeply embedded in culture and is
      inculcated from early childhood. In adopting a religion, people are
      usually conforming to a group. The religion offers much more than an
      isolated "meme"; it provides many, many ideas, a complete world system, a
      moral order, and above all a community. It provides rituals, images,
      magic and mystery, passion, ecstasy, release and serenity. It comes with
      enforcement mechanisms for those who stray from the flock, regular
      refresher doses of theology, or hellfire and brimstone, whatever keeps
      people coming back. It is an institution, a society and culture unto
      itself. How much of that do you explain by calling it a "meme"?

      An isolated jesus freak in a world of atheists would quickly become an
      atheist, or, if she did not, people would just think she was crazy.
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