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1618Re: [nanotech] Re: Memes vs. miruses

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  • Samantha Atkins
    Jan 1, 2001
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      Ed Minchau wrote:

      > >
      > > Yeah, but this analogy has its limits, too. Ideas aren't little
      > machines.
      > >
      > Aren't they? A cell, ie a neuron, can be viewed as a little machine;
      > so can a group of neurons and the connections between them. An idea
      > is the physical manifestation of a meme in a human brain, formed as
      > connections are made or lost.

      No. A machine implementing an idea or a design is not the idea or the
      design. If it is special purpose it may be said to embody the design.
      But a computer, for example, is not Microsoft Word (a program) even if
      it is running Microsoft Word (and little else due to bloat!).

      - samantha
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