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1306Re: [nanotech] Sci-fi Writers

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  • DonSaxman@aol.com
    Dec 1, 2000
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      In a message dated 11/30/2000 9:58:56 PM Pacific Standard Time,
      CJHormes@... writes:

      << Mike, that's great! At least you got published, I'm still working on my
      draft of the first novel. :-) What games did you have your hands in? >>

      Actually, it was me (Donald Saxman) who wrote the games. My first one was
      "Superhero 2044" which was the first comic book role playing game. This was
      nearly 25 years ago. Then I did "Nuclear Survivors" and "Planet Polymath."
      I also did a parody game called "Slasher Flick." My videotext online game
      was "Strange World."

      Superhero 2044 used cryonics and nano-medicone and "radio wisker" material a
      lot (remember that stuff?) Planet polymath used terraforming micro-machines.

      Strange World (which was online 10-12 years ago, back when I was writing and
      editing "Nanotechnology & Microengineering Progress" newsletter used
      nanotechnology as one of its basic premises. It also featured a
      "non-player-character" called the "Nanotinker" who sold nanotechnology-based
      equipment to the players.

      This was a technology versus magic versus time traveler game, and a
      "nanocannon" (that show a stream of dis-assemblers) was the only
      technology-based weapon that could kill certain kinds of magical beings like
      werewolves. They were made of "pseudo-flesh," was was the magical equivalent
      of nano-enhancement. Instead of tiny micromachines, werewolves were
      "infected" with millions of very very tiny semi-intelligent monsters.
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