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1267Re: [nanotech] Y-junction Nanotubes

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  • Bruce Bombere
    Nov 11, 2000
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      Christopher J. Phoenix wrote:
      > At 09:42 PM 11/9/00 -0500, Bruce Bombere wrote:
      > > My guess would be electrostatic, but something more than film,
      > >more like intercommunicating layers. This is a learning experience
      > >for me, why things don't translate from one level of scale to another.
      > Get a copy of Nanosystems. It has some great tables and explanations in
      > chapter 2. The rest of the book is really interesting too. You can ignore
      > the formulas and still get most of the information, then go back and learn
      > the formulas you need when it's time to do engineering.
      > > But your suggestion of the mechanical switching system reminds
      > >me of the early UNIVAC. I think that maybe it would be best for me
      > >to abandon my retro approaches new science.
      > No, don't do that! Taking ideas from one place and trying to solve
      > different problems with them is a good way to be creative. And after all,
      > it's possible that I was wrong about magnets, anyway. Each atom of iron is
      > a magnet, and I really don't know how sensitive buckytube electrical
      > properties are to nearby magnetic fields. My guess is that it would be hard
      > to to switch the magnetic state of the atom by producing a magnetic field by
      > running current through the tubes (thermal noise would be a lot "stronger")
      > but I haven't done the math and there might be low-temperature applications.
      > Or you could use a different switching mechanism.
      > Keep thinking!
      > Chris
      > --

      Yes, this URL has several articles on metals and localized electrical


      The suggestion that computers might disappear and be incorporated
      into fiber-optic strands is interesting.

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