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1265Re: [nanotech] Y-junction Nanotubes

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  • Christopher J. Phoenix
    Nov 11, 2000
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      At 09:42 PM 11/9/00 -0500, Bruce Bombere wrote:
      > My guess would be electrostatic, but something more than film,
      >more like intercommunicating layers. This is a learning experience
      >for me, why things don't translate from one level of scale to another.

      Get a copy of Nanosystems. It has some great tables and explanations in
      chapter 2. The rest of the book is really interesting too. You can ignore
      the formulas and still get most of the information, then go back and learn
      the formulas you need when it's time to do engineering.

      > But your suggestion of the mechanical switching system reminds
      >me of the early UNIVAC. I think that maybe it would be best for me
      >to abandon my retro approaches new science.

      No, don't do that! Taking ideas from one place and trying to solve
      different problems with them is a good way to be creative. And after all,
      it's possible that I was wrong about magnets, anyway. Each atom of iron is
      a magnet, and I really don't know how sensitive buckytube electrical
      properties are to nearby magnetic fields. My guess is that it would be hard
      to to switch the magnetic state of the atom by producing a magnetic field by
      running current through the tubes (thermal noise would be a lot "stronger")
      but I haven't done the math and there might be low-temperature applications.
      Or you could use a different switching mechanism.

      Keep thinking!

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