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1258Re: [nanotech] Y-junction Nanotubes

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  • Christopher J. Phoenix
    Nov 9 1:33 PM
      At 01:24 PM 11/1/00 -0500, Bruce Bombere wrote:
      >One thing that occured to me from reading the article was the old
      >drum random access memory storage devices where magnetic donuts with
      >three wires passing through each, two wires each carrying half charge
      >and one sensor wire. This same "donut" arrangement might be contrived
      >on a molecular level for random memory storage given the semiconductor
      >and metal characteristics of carbon nanotubes.

      1) It's called "core", not "drum". Drum is similar to disk, except... well,
      it's a drum.

      2) Core stored information by changing the magnetic properties of the donut.
      Magnetism doesn't work so well at the nanoscale. How do you want to store
      the state? You could store it electrostatically, by tunnelling an electron
      to a nearby charge carrier that would then affect the V/I characteristics of
      the tube. This would just be a smaller implementation of an existing idea.
      You could store it mechanically by bending the tube. This has been
      demonstrated--crossed tubes moved electrostatically, sticking by VdW and
      coming apart in response to different V levels. Cool stuff! But I don't
      see any way to use magnets.

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